Office furniture definition

Office furniture means any furnishing that is free standing and does not require installation with component parts. Examples are desks, chairs, file cabinets, tables, lounge seating, and computer desks.
Office furniture as used in this subpart, means furni- ture, equipment, fixtures, records, and other equipment and materials used in Government offices, hospitals, and similar establishments.
Office furniture means furniture, equipment, fixtures, records, and other equipment and materials used in Govern- ment offices, hospitals, and similar establishments.

Examples of Office furniture in a sentence

  • Office furniture accessories including ergonomic tools, keyboard trays, monitor arms, task lighting, and organization tools may be included in the offering by the OEM, but purchasing entities may elect to procure these items from other sources to meet their individual needs or preferences.

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Office furniture. Subtenant has agreed to provide Sublandlord with an additional $.05 per square foot per month of Base Rent as a “Furniture Security / Furniture Rental Fee”. In return, Subtenant will have the use of the furniture in the subject premises as necessary for the conduct of its business. 22.(e):
Office furniture means all of the office furniture currently used by the Council in connection with its tourism and conference services and which are located at the Premises;
Office furniture the furniture, furnishings, and fixtures identified in Schedule 2.30 of the Seller Disclosure Schedule, including Seller's rights under all related warranties.
Office furniture means the office furniture leased by Tenant from Landlord as set out in the Lease.
Office furniture means all office furniture and fixtures used by the Business which are owned by the Vendor and currently located at the Premises. Schedule 2.02 contains a list of Office Furniture.
Office furniture. Landlord has agreed to give to Tenant, subject to Section 24.16 herein, upon execution of this Lease, all of the office furniture, including chairs, and other personal property presently located in the Premises, together with approximately 6 to 10 cubicle work stations (including cubicle partitions, desks and chairs) to replace such cubicle work stations that were removed from the Premises and placed in the premises adjacent to the Premises (the “Office Furniture”).
Office furniture pursuant to the terms of this Lease. Tenant acknowledges and agrees that the Office Furniture is used, and that Landlord has made no representation or warranty of any nature whatsoever with respect to the Office Furniture. Landlord hereby disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose with respect to the Office Furniture. Tenant, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, shall repair and maintain the Office Furniture. The Office Furniture shall at all times during the Term remain the sole and exclusive property of Landlord. Tenant agrees that all of the Office Furniture shall remain within the Phase 9 Premises during the Term of the Lease; however, Tenant may remove and store any items of Office Furniture during the Term of the Lease so long as Tenant does not dispose of such items without Landlord’s prior consent. Provided there is no Event of Default by Tenant, Landlord shall sell and transfer the Office Furniture to Tenant, and Tenant shall purchase the Office Furniture from Landlord, on the last day of the Term for One Dollar ($1.00) without any representation or warranty by Landlord of any nature whatsoever pursuant to a commercially reasonable Xxxx of Sale and Tenant shall be responsible for all sales or transfer tax thereon. Tenant shall remove all of the Office Furniture from the Premises upon the expiration of the Term. At Tenant’s request, made after the Tenant’s written notice set forth above but not less than sixty (60) days before the Commencement Date for Phase 9 Premises, Landlord shall, at its sole cost, remove prior to the Delivery Date for the Phase 9 Premises any additional cubicles and furniture and tag/coil existing Cat-6 wiring requested by Tenant, in which case such items shall not be considered “Office Furniture” and Exhibit I attached hereto shall be amended accordingly.”