Household furniture definition

Household furniture means furniture designed and constructed specifically for use
Household furniture means furniture designed and constructed specifically
Household furniture means all movable articles or apparatus for equipping a residence, including, but not limited to, chairs, tables, sofas and mattresses.

Examples of Household furniture in a sentence

  • Household furniture and furnishings (use reverse side if necessary): $ $ $ d.

  • Household furniture may not be included in loads of other Acceptable Solid Waste.

  • Household furniture must be delivered in separate, dedicated loads that must not contain any other Acceptable Solid Waste.

  • Household furniture or household appliances being used by You for domestic use and non portable Technology Item(s).

  • Household furniture is equipment normally associated with occupancy or use in areas such as housekeeping and nonhousekeeping quarters, reception rooms, and lobbies.

  • As between the parties, Customer owns and retain all rights to the Customer Data.

  • Household furniture may only be delivered to the Facility between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday thorugh Friday, excluding holidays.

  • Household furniture, furnishings, and appliances in the decedent’s usual place of abode up to a net value of $20,000 as of the date of death.

  • Household items: (Household furniture, furnishings, appliances, linens, blankets, curtains, pictures, etc.).

  • Articles of value Household furniture and effects, personal clothing and the tools and equipment of the individual’s trade are normally disregarded as capital -see guidance section 6.5 on Regulation 34.

More Definitions of Household furniture

Household furniture means furniture designed and constructed specifically for use inside a house or office.
Household furniture means all movable compactable articles or apparatus, such as chairs, tables, sofas, mattresses, etc., for equipping a house.
Household furniture means large furniture, such as a table, armoire, dresser, or similar sized furniture.

Related to Household furniture

  • Furniture means articles of which wood, reeds, rattan, cane, seagrass or metal comprise the whole or part and such as are usually made or assembled by cabinet makers, assemblers in the furnishing trades, chair and couch makers, upholsterers, wood carvers, or wood turners; and

  • Household goods means personal effects and property used or to be used in a dwelling when a part of the equipment or supply of that dwelling. Household goods do not include property moving from a factory or store, unless the property was purchased by the householder with intent to use the property in his or her dwelling, the property is transported at the request of the householder, and the householder pays the carrier's transportation charges either directly or indirectly.

  • Households means one or more natural persons or a family who pays 30 percent of their household income toward their monthly rent and is determined by Grantee to be eligible for rental assistance under this Agreement.

  • street furniture ’ means public facilities and structures which are not intended primarily for advertising and includes but is not limited to seating benches, planters, bins, pole mounted bins, bus shelters, sidewalk clocks, drinking fountains, Telkom boxes, traffic signal controllers, electricity boxes, post boxes and telephone booths, but excludes road traffic signs, traffic signals, street lights or any other road-related structures;

  • Household means a family group living in the same domestic dwelling.

  • Household waste means any waste material, including garbage, trash, and sanitary wastes in septic tanks, derived from households, including single-family and multiple-family residences, hotels and motels, bunk houses, ranger stations, crew quarters, campgrounds, picnic grounds, and day-use recreation areas.

  • Work Locations means any real estate that CLEC or Qwest, as appropriate, owns, leases or licenses, or in which it holds easements or other rights to use, or does use, in connection with this Agreement. Terms not otherwise defined here but defined in the Act and the orders and the rules implementing the Act, shall have the meaning defined there. The definition of terms that are included here and are also defined in the Act, or its implementing orders or rules, are intended to include the definition as set forth in the Act and the rules implementing the Act.

  • Installation Site means the site at which the Product is originally installed.

  • Rental Equipment means tangible personal property sold, rented, leased, or licensed to customers to the extent that the item is actually used by the customer for rental, lease, or license to others; provided that:

  • Fixtures and Fittings means references to any of the fixtures, fittings, furniture, furnishings, or effects, floor, ceiling or wall coverings.

  • Service Equipment means any equipment, Software, systems, cabling and facilities provided by or on behalf of Verizon and used to facilitate provision of the Services at a Customer Site. Ownership of the Service Equipment does not pass to Customer. Service Equipment does not include Verizon Facilities.

  • Furniture coating means any paint designed for application to room furnishings including, but not limited to, cabinets (kitchen, bath and vanity), tables, chairs, beds, and sofas.

  • household customer means a customer purchasing electricity for his own household consumption, excluding commercial or professional activities;

  • Installation Works means, as the context so requires,

  • Campsite means any place where any bedding, sleeping bag, or other material used for bedding purposes, or any stove or fire is placed, established or maintained for the purpose of maintaining a temporary place to live, whether or not such place incorporates the use of any tent, lean-to, shack, or any other structure, or any vehicle or part thereof.

  • Standard equipment means the basic configuration of a vehicle which is equipped with all the features that are required under the regulatory acts of the Contracting Party including all features that are fitted without giving rise to any further specifications on configuration or equipment level.

  • Retail location means a site at which special fuel is dispensed through a pump from an underground or aboveground storage unit into the supply tank of a motor vehicle.

  • Cemetery merchandise means merchandise described in section 4(1)(k)(i).

  • Terminal Equipment means all telephone instruments, including pay telephone equipment, the common equipment of large and small key and PBX systems and other devices and apparatus, and associated wirings, which are intended to be connected electrically, acoustically or inductively to the telecommunication system of the telephone utility.

  • Customer Premises Equipment or "CPE" means equipment employed on the premises of a Person other than a Carrier to originate, route or terminate Telecommunications (e.g., a telephone, PBX, modem pool, etc.).

  • Household members means those persons who reside in the same home, who have reciprocal duties to and do provide financial support for one another. This term shall include foster children and legal wards even if they do not live in the household. The term does not include persons sharing the same general house, when the living style is primarily that of a dormitory or commune;

  • Fixtures and Equipment means, with respect to any Person, all of the furniture, fixtures, furnishings, machinery and equipment owned or leased by such Person and located in, at or upon the Assets of such Person.

  • Equipment is all “equipment” as defined in the Code with such additions to such term as may hereafter be made, and includes without limitation all machinery, fixtures, goods, vehicles (including motor vehicles and trailers), and any interest in any of the foregoing.

  • Electrical equipment means underground equipment that contains dielectric fluid that is necessary for the operation of equipment such as transformers and buried electrical cable.

  • Tooling means tooling inventory, including but not limited to dies, molds, tooling, casting patterns, gauges, jigs, racks and stands for engines, cowls, radome and wheels, aircraft jacks, test benches, test equipment, lathes, welders, grinders, presses, punches and hoists and other similar items (whether or not completed or fixed or handheld).