Your Premises definition

Your Premises means the place where the Service is or will be provided.
Your Premises means the Access Site and any other premises occupied by you or your end user, to which we may require access in order to install, maintain or remove Equipment or the Service.
Your Premises means the premises identified in the Booking Form at which the venue for the Event (where We are to provide the Services) is situated being any premises which You arrange to make available for the Event.

Examples of Your Premises in a sentence

  • Your Premises or any Insured Building remaining continuously unoccupied for a period of more than 30 days, unless You have obtained prior written approval from Us and such approval is recorded as an endorsement on the Policy.

  • Your Premises or any Building remains unoccupied for more than 30 days.

  • We will dispose of or deal with or sell any item of the Contents of Your Premises for which loss We have paid completely.

  • To upgrade the quality of supply to Your Premises or surrounding area and to connect new customers and subdivisions which depend on the same Network assets as Your Point of Connection.

  • That is safe and unobstructed, particularly from any dogs or other animals at Your Premises.

More Definitions of Your Premises

Your Premises means the premises specified by you in your Application as the location for the provision of the Services.
Your Premises means the premises, facilities, equipment, appliances and other property in respect of which the natural gas offaken at your Offtake Point is used, or is to be used.
Your Premises means the fixed residential or business location which You have nominated and advised Uniti is the location to which You wish Uniti to provide Your Service.
Your Premises means the premises which the Booking Confirmation states will be the venue for the Event (at which We are to provide the Services) being premises which are either Your home or garden at Your home, or some other premises which You arrange to make available for the Event.
Your Premises means the location at which Our Equipment is situated. In interpreting this Agreement:
Your Premises means any premises owned, controlled or occupied by you specified in a Quotation.