Capacity as Agent Sample Clauses

Capacity as Agent. In performing its functions and duties under this Agreement, each Agent shall act solely as the agent of the Lenders and shall not assume, and shall not be deemed to have assumed, any obligation as agent or trustee for a Borrower or any other Person. No Agent shall be under any liability or responsibility of any kind to the Borrowers, the Lenders or to any other Person arising out of or in relation to any failure or delay in performance or breach by any Lender or Lenders or, as the case may be, by the Borrowers, any Guarantor or any other Person (other than such Agent in respect of its own gross negligence or wilful misconduct) pursuant to or in any way in connection with this Agreement.

Related to Capacity as Agent

  • Program Manager Owner may designate a Program Manager to administer the Project and this Contract. In lieu of a Program Manager, Design Professional may be designated to perform the role of Program Manager. The Program Manager may also be designated as the Owner’s Representative, and if no Owner’s Representative is designated, the Program Manager shall be the Owner’s Representative.

  • General Manager (a) The Board may from time to time appoint one or more persons, whether or not he is a member of the Board of Directors, as the CEO of the Company, either for a fixed period of time or without limiting the time that he or they will stay in office, and the Board may from time to time (subject to any provision in any contract between him or them and the Company) release him or them from their office and appoint another or others in his or their place.

  • Coordinator 6.4.1 The Coordinator shall be the intermediary between the Parties and the Funding Authority and shall perform all tasks assigned to it as described in the Grant Agreement and in this Consortium Agreement.

  • For Non-Responsibility The Bidder agrees that if it is found by the State that the Bidder’s responses to the Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire were intentionally false or intentionally incomplete, on such finding, the Commissioner may terminate the Contract. Upon written notice to the Contractor, and a reasonable opportunity to be heard with appropriate OGS officials or staff, the Contract may be terminated by the Commissioner or his or her designee at the Contractor’s expense where the Contractor is determined by the Commissioner or his or her designee to be non-responsible. In such event, the Commissioner or his or her designee may complete the contractual requirements in any manner he or she may deem advisable and pursue available legal or equitable remedies for breach. In no case shall such termination of the Contract by the State be deemed a breach thereof, nor shall the State be liable for any damages for lost profits or otherwise, which may be sustained by the Contractor as a result of such termination.

  • Project Management and Coordination The Engineer shall coordinate all subconsultant activity to include quality of and consistency of work and administration of the invoices and monthly progress reports. The Engineer shall coordinate with necessary local entities.

  • Own responsibility Without affecting the responsibility of any Obligor for information supplied by it or on its behalf in connection with any Finance Document, each Secured Party confirms to the Security Agent that it has been, and will continue to be, solely responsible for making its own independent appraisal and investigation of all risks arising under or in connection with any Finance Document including but not limited to:

  • Acknowledgement of Services and Responsibility of the Manager The Resident acknowledges that neither the Manager nor the Institution stands in loco parentis with respect to the Resident. The Residence provides living accommodations for independent students who are to be responsible and accountable for their personal needs and their interactions with their fellow residents as opposed to residential care. The Manager is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the residence. The Manager, in consultation with the Institution, may from time to time, in its sole and unfettered discretion, establish and/or amend policies, protocols and guidelines to uphold and ensure compliance with the standards set forth by the Manager, all of which will constitute part of the Residence Community Living Standards or Institution Code of Conduct, as appropriate. The Resident hereby acknowledges and agrees that they are solely responsible for their compliance with / review of such policies, protocols and guidelines (as may be created, amended, revised or restated by the Manager) found at xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.

  • Project Manager The term “Project Manager” refers to the employee of the State who has been assigned responsibility for overseeing and managing the proper and timely implementation of the project.

  • Construction Responsibilities A. The State shall advertise for construction bids, issue bid proposals, receive and tabulate the bids, and award and administer the contract for construction of the Project. Administration of the contract includes the responsibility for construction engineering and for issuance of any change orders, supplemental agreements, amendments, or additional work orders that may become necessary subsequent to the award of the construction contract. In order to ensure federal funding eligibility, projects must be authorized by the State prior to advertising for construction.

  • Contract Manager The Contract Manager for the Board is Xxxxxxx Xxxxx. The Contract Manager for the Contractor is the Contractor. The parties shall direct all matters arising in connection with the performance of this Agreement, other than notices, to the attention of the Contract Managers for attempted resolution or action. The Contract Managers shall be responsible for overall resolution, action, coordination, and oversight relating to the performance of this Agreement.