Employers Sample Clauses

Employers. 6.1.1 Every employer shall within one month from the date on which this Agreement comes into operation, if he has not already done so pursuant to any previous agreement, and every employer entering the Industry after that date shall within one month of commencement of operations by him, forward to the General Secretary of the Council a completed registration form in the form specified by the Council from time to time and a registration fee as prescribed in Addendum 1 of this Agreement. Note: This registration form is obtainable from the Council.
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Employers. The term "Employer", "Individual Employer" or "Individual Employers" as used in this Agreement refers to the Employer who is signatory to and is covered by the terms of this Agreement.
Employers. Box A — If you are required to submit a copy of an employee’s Form IT-2104 to the Tax Department because the employee claimed more than 14 allowances, xxxx an X in box A and send a copy of Form IT-2104 to: NYS Tax Department, Income Tax Audit Administrator, Withholding Certificate Coordinator, X X Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Albany NY 12227. Due dates for sending certificates received from employees claiming more than 14 allowances are: Quarter Due date Quarter Due date January – March April 30 July – September October 31 April – June July 31 October – December January 31 Box B — If you are submitting a copy of this form to comply with New York State’s New Hire Reporting Program, xxxx an X in box B. Also, xxxx an X in the Yes or No box indicating if dependent health insurance benefits are available to this employee. If Yes, enter the date the employee qualifies for coverage. Mail the completed form, within 20 days of hiring, to: NYS Tax Department, New Hire Notification, XX Xxx 00000, Xxxxxx XX 00000-0000. To report newly-hired or rehired employees online instead of submitting this form, go to xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx. Worksheet Part 1 — Complete this part to compute your withholding allowances for New York State and Yonkers (line 1).
Employers. Section 1. The Employer shall have a duly issued and effective State Contractors License, shall carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and shall comply with all Federal, State and Municipal Laws pertaining to the Painting Industry and all health and safety regulations and rules.
Employers. Every employer subject to a State’s law must be notified that wage information and other confiden- tial UC information may be requested and utilized for other governmental purposes, including, but not limited to, verification of an individual’s eligi- bility for other government programs. § 603.12 How are the requirements of this part enforced?
Employers. Section 1. Employers signatory to this Agreement shall possess a California State License Classification C-9, C-33 or C-61. The Employer shall not do business covered under the Scope of Work herein under any other name than that name in which the Employer holds a California State License.
Employers. All Xxxxxx County agencies will be covered by the FMLA.
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Employers. This term will refer to the School Board and its agents.
Employers. An employer is one whose principal contracting business is the executing of contracts requiring the art, science, knowledge, experience, skill and ability to intelligently examine surfaces, and specify and execute the preliminary and preparatory work necessary to bring such surfaces to a condition where under an agreed specification, acceptable work can be executed within any and/or all of the following subdivisions of the Painting Industry listed below. Work or services permitted by State License Law for Painting and Decorating and Drywall contractors and work or services of others covered by this agreement, utilizing in their work the following:
Employers. 1. As a condition precedent to qualifying as an Employer under this Agreement every Employer shall:
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