February 2016 Sample Clauses

February 2016. 2 “The Economic Effects of the Trans‐Pacific Partnership: New Estimates.” Xxxxxxxx
February 2016. 13. Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1, -Mobility for learning and staff – Higher Education Student and Staff Mobility. Inter-Institutional agreement 2016-2021 between programme countries, date 30 October 2015 14. Memorandum Bashkëpunimi në mes të Universitetit të Prishtinës, Fakultetit të Ndërtimtarisë Prishtinë dhe CHWB, Implementimi i projektit për dokumentimin e shtëpive tradicionale të Prizrenit, datë 18 Mars 2010 Memorandum for Cooperation between University of Pristina, Faculty of Civil Engineering, and CHWB, projectdocumentation for traditional house in Prizren”, date 18 March 2010.
February 2016. Preamble-Skilled Trades The purpose of this letter of understanding is to define Skilled Trades and all other matters dealing with the Skilled Trades such as apprenticeships, new technology committee, planned maintenance, and Skilled Trades training. All other provisions of the Collective Agreement and all related benefits when applicable shall apply to the Skilled Trades, except as otherwise expressly provided for in this letter of understanding. Classifications-Skilled Trades Skilled Trades for the purpose of this agreement shall be the following classifications:
February 2016. Great pack. I like the fact that you can print more via a link provided in the pack without having to buy it again :) ... Xxxxxx.xx.xx:Customer reviews: Lodger Agreement Form Pack ... A lodger agreement will cover the terms of the let (e.g. the rent), it typically won’t include any domesticated issues like what the rules are on having guests over. Landlords can draft a separate, more formal set of house rules, which the lodger can also sign. More details can be found on the lodger house rules page.
February 2016. This Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement (this “Agreement”), is made as of [Month Day, Year] (the “Grant Date”), between MRC Global Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), and [__________] (the “Participant”).
February 2016. 22.37% March 2016........... 21.46
February 2016. KAIZEN Continuous Improvement Process This letter confirms the recognition by Hitachi Construction Truck Manufacturing, Ltd. and the Unifor that job security is enhanced if the employer, the Union and the employees all devote themselves to the goal of producing the highest quality products at an economical cost and to excel in satisfying our customer’s requirements for delivery and service. To this end, our Company will introduce a Kaizen process that will assist us in improving our processes, product quality and product cost. As part of our implementation of Kaizen, the Company will provide employees the knowledge and tools needed to accomplish the above stated goals of quality, cost and customer satisfaction. The Company will not use the Kaizen process to hurt any employee, but to assist them in making the workflow more efficient. Its intent is to increase the viability of our Guelph operation, which should in turn, improve job security. In exchange for the local Union’s cooperation in our Kaizen process, the Company commits that no employee (including those on temporary layoff), will be laid off due to the Kaizen process. Unfortunately, the Company cannot control external economic conditions. The Company must maintain the ability to adjust to business conditions including, among other things, loss of business, diminished volumes or other changes in customer requirements or demands. It is understood that the Collective Agreement prevails in all matters addressed by that agreement (pay and remuneration, classifications, seniority provisions, etc.), unless otherwise expressly agreed between the parties in writing. In particular, any required movement of employees will be handled in accordance with the appropriate provisions of the Collective Agreement. The role of the Bargaining Committee, Safety Committee and other recognized committees under the Collective Agreement will be respected. During the Kaizen implementation, the Union will be entitled to name a committee person to participate in the sessions at all times and to address the group at the outset as to their role in safeguarding the provisions and administration of the Collective Agreement between the parties. The Company also commits to using the Kaizen process as a vehicle to continuously improve the operation, including exploring opportunities:
February 2016. No UNTS volume number has yet been determined for this record. The Text(s) reproduced below, if attached, are the authentic texts ofthe agreement /action attachment as submittedfor registration and publication to the Secretariat. For ease of reference they were sequentially paginated. Translations, if attached, are notfinal and are providedfor information only. Turquie et Montenegro Accord entre le Gouvernement de la Republique turque et le Gouvernement du Montenegro concernant les activites du bureau de coordination de programme de l’Agence de developpement et de coordination international turque. Podgorica, 11 decembre 2009 Entree en vigueur : 22 juin 2015 par notification, conformement a l'article 6 Textes authentiques : anglais, Montenegrin et turc Enregistrement aupres du Secretariat des Nations Unies : Turquie, 19 fevrier 2016 *Le numero de volume RTNU n'a pas encore ete etabli pour ce dossier. Les textes reproduits ci-dessous, s'ils sont disponibles, sont les textes authentiques de l'accord/piece jointe d'action tel que soumises pour l’enregistrement et publication au Secretariat. Pour reference, ils ont ete presentes sous forme de la pagination consecutive. Les traductions, s'ils sont inclus, ne sontpas enformfinale et sontfournies uniquement a titre d'information. [ Eng l ish t ex t - Tex t e a ng l a is ] AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY AND THE GOVERNMENT OF MONTENEGRO REGARDING THE ACTIVITIES OF THE PROGRAM COORDINATION OFFICE OF THE TURKISH INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Government of the Republic of Turkey, represented by Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency- TIKA and the Government of Montenegro, represented by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (hereinafter shall bo referred to as " Parties "), agreed on the following subjects in order to develop the bilateral economic and social cooperation between each other based on their present cordial relations and to further enhance their relations through technical cooperation,
February 2016. The Company has implemented a vendor managed inventory system. As a function of that system vendors will fully manage the inventory including replenishment of bins at work stations on the shop floor. The Company agrees that the vendor will not operate HTM equipment and only those parts delivered by the vendor, are covered by this letter. In the event of a layoff, the vendor managed inventory system will maintain the replenishment function as is the practice at the expiration of the prior contract. Nothing in this letter is to be interpreted as a guaranty of the material handling manpower level.