February 2016 Sample Clauses

February 2016. 2 “The Economic Effects of the Trans‐Pacific Partnership: New Estimates.” Xxxxxxxx
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February 2016. The contemplated Offering falls under the capital increases for which the €220,000,000 maximum threshold applies. So far, the Board of directors has not yet used this option the authorised capital granted in January 2016. On the date of this Securities Note the amount by which the Board of Directors could increase the subscribed capital under the authorised capital amounts therefore to €220,000,000 (for capital increases for which the €220,000,000 maximum threshold applies) At the same meeting, the Board also decided - pursuant to article 6.2 of the Issuer's articles of association and the REEC Legislation - to cancel the preferential subscription rights of the Existing Shareholders upon issuance of the Convertible Bonds and to grant a priority allocation right to the Existing Shareholders for the subscription of the Convertible Bonds. Pursuant to the RREC Legislation applicable to the Issuer, the priority allocation right must comply with the following conditions: - it pertains to the total amount of the new securities to be issued; - it is granted to the Existing Shareholders pro rata their stake in the share capital of the Issuer at the launch of the Offering; - the public offer period may not be shorter than three (3) business days; and
February 2016. For the avoidance of doubt, Txxxxx will not participate in the Proposed Capital Raising in respect of the ordinary shares issued to it upon the conversion of Loan 2 even if it has become a Member.
February 2016. This Restricted Stock Unit Award Agreement (this “Agreement”), is made as of [Month Day, Year] (the “Grant Date”), between MRC Global Inc., a Delaware corporation (the “Company”), and [__________] (the “Participant”).
February 2016. EHS Law applicable law, including any decision of any competent regulatory body, with respect to EHS Matters so far as legally binding and in force at the date of this Agreement;
February 2016. For the Government of Iceland For the Farmers’ Association of Iceland Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Sindri Sigurgeirsson Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture President of the Farmers’ Association of Iceland For the Icelandic Association of Horticulture Producers Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs Chairman of the Icelandic Association of Horticulture Producers Annex I Table 1 – Amounts in ISK millions Horticulture 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 0000 0000 0000 2026 Direct paymentsArticle 4 274 273 272 268 267 265 263 260 258 256 Electric power subsidies – Article 5 278 278 278 278 278 278 278 278 278 278
February 2016. The Venue Owner intends to lease the Machines from EGT and operate all of them within NagaWorld itself.
February 2016. The agreement was signed by Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Managing Director of 1776, and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, Executive Managing Director of JIN. This partnership serves to xxxxxx exchanges between 1776’s extensive network of start-ups in the U.S. and JIN’s network of large Japanese corporations and academia, strengthening the innovation ecosystems of both partners. In particular, the collaboration will realise innovation projects and build partnerships in areas of mutual interest. XXX is actively working towards strengthening its cooperation with innovation ecosystems around the globe. This partnership will form a cornerstone in this endeavour. About Japan Innovation Network (JIN) Established in 2013 to break the ‘large companies cannot be innovative’ paradigm, XXX’s aims to create 100 continuously innovative enterprises: xxxx://xx-xxxxxxx.xxx/en/ About 1776 The Washington D.C. based global incubator and seed fund operates campus programs, acceleration programs as well as the Challenge Cup. The Challenge Cup is a business tournament taking place in 45 cities across 9 regions, with JIN as its East Asia regional partner. It is meant as a platform to discover promising start-ups tackling pressing social and business issues across eight major themes: Smart City, Infrastructure, Security, Energy, Education, Healthcare, F&B, and Finance.
February 2016. (b) It is a condition to the Company’s obligation to issue Shares hereunder that the Participant pay to the Company such amount as may be required to satisfy all tax withholding obligations arising in connection with this Award (or otherwise make arrangements acceptable to the Company for the satisfaction of such tax withholding obligations). If the required withholding amount required is not timely paid or satisfied, the Participant’s right to receive such Shares will be permanently forfeited. The Company, in its discretion, may withhold Shares otherwise issuable hereunder in satisfaction of the minimum amount required to be withheld in connection with this Award (based on the Fair Market Value of such Shares on the date of such withholding).
February 2016. 22.37% March 2016........... 21.46