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year. The employee shall provide medical substantiation to support her request for pregnancy leave. The request must include the beginning and ending dates of the leave and must be requested no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the birth of the child. Any changes to the leave, once approved, are permissive and subject to the approval of the department head or designee.
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year. An employee shall neither lose nor accrue seniority while on extended child care leave. An employee wishing continued coverage under any applicable benefit plans shall pay the total premium costs while on extended childcare leave. An employee on extended child care leave shall provide the Employer with at least one (1) month's written notice of return from such leave. Upon return from extended childcare leave, an employee shall be placed in her former position or in a position of equal rank and basic pay.
year. The fiscal year of the Corporation shall commence on January 1 and end on December 31 of each year.
year. “Year” shall mean the 12-month period ending on March 31.
year. For purposes of family leave benefits, year shall be defined as July 1 through June 30.
year. In any event, the member’s classification, service and seniority earned prior to the date of leave will be recognized upon return to work.
year. The rights of any Sublessee or other transferee who receives possession by reason of a transfer permitted by this paragraph (b) (other than the transfer of an Engine which is deemed an Event of Loss) shall be subject and subordinate to, and any Sublease permitted by this paragraph (b) shall be expressly subject and subordinate to, all the terms of this Lease and Lessor's (and so long as the Trust Indenture is in effect, the Indenture Trustee's (as Lessor's assignee) rights to repossess and to void such Sublease upon such repossession, and Lessee shall remain primarily liable hereunder for the performance of all of the terms of this Lease, and the terms of any such Sublease shall not permit any Sublessee to take any action not permitted to be taken by Lessee in this Lease with respect to the Aircraft. No pooling agreement, sublease or other relinquishment of possession of the Airframe or any Engine or Wet Lease shall in any way discharge or diminish any of Lessee's obligations to Lessor hereunder or constitute a waiver of Lessor's rights or remedies hereunder. Lessor agrees, for the benefit of Lessee (and any Sublessee) and for the benefit of any mortgagee or other holder of a security interest in any engine (other than an Engine) owned by Lessee (or any Sublessee), any lessor of any engine (other than an Engine) leased to Lessee (or any Sublessee) and any conditional vendor of any engine (other than an Engine) purchased by Lessee (or any Sublessee) subject to a conditional sale agreement or any other security agreement, that no interest shall be created hereunder in any engine so owned, leased or purchased and that none of Lessor, its successors or assigns will acquire or claim, as against Lessee (or any Sublessee) or any such mortgagee, lessor or conditional vendor or other holder of a security interest or any successor or assignee of any thereof, any right, title or interest in such engine as the result of such engine being installed on the Airframe. Any Wet Lease or similar arrangement under which Lessee maintains operational control of the Aircraft shall not constitute a delivery, transfer or relinquishment of possession of the Aircraft for purposes of this section. Lessor acknowledges that any consolidation or merger of Lessee or conveyance, transfer or lease of all or substantially all of Lessee's assets otherwise permitted by the Operative Documents shall not be prohibited by this Section.
year. On each June 1 hereafter, so long as the Loan remains unpaid, Bank shall review the performance of the Loan. If the Bank deems performance of the Loan acceptable, it will renew the Loan for one (1) year from the then existing Termination Date of Revolving Credit Loan. If the Bank renews the Loan at anytime or from time to time prior to June 1, 2005, the Bank and the Borrower, Lakeshore and Lakes Mall agree the Loan shall be renewed with covenants as contained in Sections 6.11, 6.13 and 6.14 of this Loan Agreement or such other covenants, terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon by Borrower, Lakeshore and Lakes Mall Bank and Bank. If Bank deems performance of the Loan not acceptable, Bank shall not be obligated to extend the Termination Date of Revolving Credit Loan; however, the Borrower, Lakeshore and Lakes Mall shall then have the right to repay the Loan pursuant to the repayment provisions contained in the Note, the Lakeshore Note and the Lakes Mall Note. Assessment of performance and the decision whether to extend the Termination Date of Revolving Credit Loan shall be solely within Bank's discretion. The Bank will not deem the performance of the Loan acceptable unless and until the Borrower provides to the Bank, among other things, updated title commitments with respect to all properties covered by any CBL Mortgage, which title commitments must be in form and substance acceptable to the Bank and must contain no exceptions unacceptable to the Bank. Bank shall notify Borrower of the results of its review of the Loan no later than eleven (11) months prior to the then effective Termination Date of the Revolving Credit Loan. If Bank elects not to renew the Loan, Bank shall not perform or cause to be performed, except at Bank's expense unless an Event of Default has occurred, any inspections, appraisals, surveys or similar items between: (a) the date notice thereof is given Borrower or the Termination Date, whichever first occurs, and (b) the date the Note, the Lakeshore Note and the Lakes Mall Note are repaid as provided herein.
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