Media Enquiries Sample Clauses

Media Enquiries. Distributors must refer all media enquiries regarding USANA to USANA. This will ensure that accurate and consistent information reaches the general public.
Media Enquiries. Melco International Development Limited Xxxxxx Xx Tel: (000) 0000 0000 Email:
Media Enquiries. National Communications Branch (00) 0000 0000
Media Enquiries. Media enquiries will be dealt with as per Project Board Media Protocol i.e. local issues dealt by local Council Media officer with information provided by Animal Welfare Line Manager (lead Council) and regional issues dealt with by Chair of Project Board.

Related to Media Enquiries

  • Enquiries 11.1 For all enquiries, comments, feedback or further information please contact xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx. All questions, comments or complaints regarding the Prize Draw should be directed to Us and not Facebook or Twitter.

  • Inquiries Respond to telephonic, mail, and in-person inquiries from Institutions, Account holders, or their representatives requesting information regarding matters such as shareholder account or transaction status, net asset value ("NAV") of Series shares, Series performance, Series services, plans and options, Series investment policies, Series portfolio holdings, and Series distributions and taxation thereof;

  • Publicity, Media and Official Enquiries 16.1 Without prejudice to the Authority’s obligations under the Information Legislation, neither Party shall make any press announcements or publicise the Contract or any part thereof in any way, except with the written consent of the other Party.

  • E6 Publicity, Media and Official Enquiries E6.1 The Contractor shall not:

  • Medical Inquiries Promptly after the Registrations have been transferred to Buyer, Buyer shall assume all responsibility for all correspondence and communication with physicians and other health care professionals and customers in the applicable Territory relating to the CV Products. After the Closing Date, Buyer and Seller shall work together towards an orderly transition of the responsibility for all correspondence and communication with health care professionals and customers in the applicable Territory relating to the CV Products. Seller shall continue to be responsible for such correspondence and communication under the direction of Buyer until the Registrations have been transferred to Buyer. Buyer shall keep such records and make such reports as shall be reasonably necessary to document such communications in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. After transfer of responsibility to Buyer pursuant to this Article 10, Seller shall, except in the case of medical emergency, refer all questions relating to the CV Products raised by health care professionals and customers to Buyer for its response.

  • Customer Inquiries 46.1 Each Party will refer all questions regarding the other Party’s services or products directly to the other Party at a telephone number specified by that Party.

  • Credit Inquiries Agent and Lenders may (but shall have no obligation) to respond to usual and customary credit inquiries from third parties concerning any Obligor or Subsidiary.

  • Governmental Inquiries The Acquiror Company has provided to the Company a copy of each material written inspection report, questionnaire, inquiry, demand or request for information received by the Acquiror Company from any Governmental Authority, and the Acquiror Company’s response thereto, and each material written statement, report or other document filed by the Acquiror Company with any Governmental Authority.

  • Shareholder Inquiries CMISC will respond promptly to written correspondence from shareholders, registered representatives of broker-dealers engaged in selling Fund shares, the Trust and the Distributor relating to its duties hereunder, and such other correspondence or communications as may from time to time be mutually agreed upon between CMISC and each Trust. CMISC also will respond promptly to telephone inquiries from shareholders with respect to existing accounts.

  • Information Technologies Cooperation 1. The aims of cooperation in Information Technologies sectors, carried out in the mutual interest of the Parties and in compliance with their policies, will be: (a) to focus on cooperative activities towards information technology areas where mutual and complementary interests exists; and (b) to build on existing agreements and arrangements already in place between the Parties. 2. Information Technologies cooperation may include, but not be limited to: (a) scientific and technical cooperation for the Software Industry of the Parties and encouraging cooperation in software development for populations with specific needs; (b) facilitate the cooperation on academic, industrial and entrepreneurial networks in the area of Information Technology; (c) encouraging exchange of experience on management and research and development for Information Technology Parks; (d) research and development on Information Technology products and services, integrating television, multimedia, and cellular telephones; and (e) encouraging exchange of experience for research and development in networks and telecommunications.