Executive Directors definition

Executive Directors means a person appointed as director directly accountable to the municipal manager.
Executive Directors means the Wholetime Director and the Managing Director of the Company;
Executive Directors means Managing Directors and Whole Time Directors

Examples of Executive Directors in a sentence

A separate World Bank-financed project – the SDR 43.8 million (US$70 million equivalent) National Water Resources Development Project (NWRDP), approved by the Board of Executive Directors on September 15, 2011, includes financing for the completion of the spillway gates and raising of the maximum operational water level to the original design criteria.

The Report of the Executive Directors spells this out by explaining that the disputes “must concern the existence or scope of a legal right or obligation, or the nature or extent of the reparation to be made for breach of a legal obligation.” This is not a difficult requirement to meet.

Information purposes only No effect on jurisdictionThe Report of the World Bank Executive Directors explains that the notification foreseen in Article 25(4) of the Convention is for information purposes only.

Such remuneration to the Executive Directors will be determined by the Committee and recommended to the Board for approval.

Within the said overall ceiling of remuneration, the Executive Directors will be entitled to avail of the perquisites under different heads as may be applicable to the other Senior Management Personnel of the Company.

More Definitions of Executive Directors

Executive Directors means collectively, the Executive Director of the British Columbia Securities Commission and the Executive Director of the Alberta Securities Commission;
Executive Directors means Graeme Duncan and Adeel Ahmad;
Executive Directors means Managing Directors and Whole Time Directors.
Executive Directors means a person or persons appointed as Executive Director in accordance with this Statute and the Rules for the appointment of senior members of staff to assist the Vice-Chancellor in performing his or her duties in terms of the Act and this Statute;
Executive Directors means members of the Board who are employees of any entity within the HSBC Group.
Executive Directors means the Directors appointed in accordance with Rule 7.1.4;
Executive Directors means the executive directors of Care UK Health & Social Care Investments Limited;