Executive Directors definition

Executive Directors means a person appointed as director directly accountable to the municipal manager.
Executive Directors means the Wholetime Director and the Managing Director of the Company;
Executive Directors means collectively, the Executive Director of the British Columbia Securities Commission and the Executive Director of the Alberta Securities Commission;

Examples of Executive Directors in a sentence

  • Except as otherwise provided herein, the Executive Director's prior written approval of any such transfer is required.

  • We further report that The Board of Directors of the Company is duly constituted with proper balance of Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors and Independent Directors.

  • The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee comprises of three Executive Directors and one Independent Director, chaired by J.

  • However, the Remuneration Committee does not currently intend to operate the plan for the benefit of Executive Directors of the Company.

  • They do not necessarily represent the view of the World Bank, its Executive Directors, or the countries they represent.

More Definitions of Executive Directors

Executive Directors the executive Directors, namely Xx. XXXX Khoon Hua, Mr. MA Wing Xxx Xxxxxxx, Xx. XXXXXX Ping Xxxxx Xxxxx and Xx. XX Kin Hang “Final Closing Date” the date which is the 14th day after (i) the date on which the Partial Offer is declared unconditional as to acceptances or
Executive Directors means Managing Directors and Whole Time Directors
Executive Directors means members of the Board who are employees of any entity within the HSBC Group.
Executive Directors means the executive directors serving on the Board of Directors and "Executive Director" shall mean an executive director serving on the Board of Directors.
Executive Directors means, in accordance with the criteria of the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies:• Directors of Reply who have been nominated as Chief Executive Directors of the Company or subsidiaries which has strategic importance;• Members of the Reply Board of Directors with management duties in the Company or subsidiaries which has strategic importance;• The Directors of Reply, who may also be the Chairman of the Company, holder of specific individual proxies or having a specific role in the development of the company strategies; “Other Directors invested with special charges” means Directors who are assigned specialcharges (i.e. Chairman, Vice- Chairman), different from the Executive Directors;
Executive Directors means those directors appointed by the Company to have day-to-day control over and responsibility for the management and running of the Company.