GRANTEE MUST Sample Clauses

GRANTEE MUST. 1. Develop and implement written policies and procedures outlining how Grantee will comply with the terms and conditions of this Statement of Work including adequate monitoring of expenditures, and distribution of TANF Pandemic Emergency Assistance Funds to eligible needy families for the sole purpose of providing funds for eligible activities identified in this SOW; and
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GRANTEE MUST a. Ensure that, as part of the hiring process for any position within the United States that is or will be funded (in whole or in part) with award funds, Grantee properly verifies the employment eligibility of the individual who is being hired, consistent with the provisions of 8 U.S.C. 132a(a)(1) and (2).


  • Grantee Ownership Grantee must deliver copies of all Work Product as directed in Exhibit A. Grantee retains ownership of all Work Product, and grants Agency an irrevocable, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free license to use, to reproduce, to prepare derivative works based upon, to distribute, to perform and to display the Work Product, to authorize others to do the same on Agency’s behalf, and to sublicense the Work Product to other entities without restriction.

  • VESTED RETIREMENT GRATUITY VOLUNTARY EARLY PAYOUT a) An Employee eligible for a Sick Leave Credit retirement gratuity as per Appendix A shall have the option of receiving a payout of his/her gratuity on August 31, 2016, or on the employee’s normal retirement date.

  • On-Call Employment The Employer may fill a position with an on-call appointment where the work is intermittent in nature, is sporadic and it does not fit a particular pattern. The Employer may end on-call employment at any time by giving one (1) day’s notice to the employee.

  • On-Call Employee An on-call employee shall be defined as an employee who works less than forty (40) hours per week on an as-needed basis. An on-call employee is not subject to the terms of this Agreement.

  • PERFORMANCE PERIOD This Agreement shall be performed during the period which begins Oct 01 2020 and ends Sep 30 2022. All services under this Agreement must be rendered within this performance period, unless directly specified under a written change or extension provisioned under Article 14, which shall be fully executed by both parties to this Agreement.

  • GRANTEE Grantee will be in default under this Grant upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

  • Participant See Section 7(a) hereof.

  • Grantee Repayment System Agency may withhold payments to Grantee to satisfy any recoupment or liquidated damage imposed by System Agency under this Article. System Agency may take repayment from funds available under this Contract, active or expired, or any subsequent renewal, in amounts necessary to fulfill Grantee’s repayment obligations.

  • Non-Vested Retirement Gratuity for Teachers 1. The minimum years of service for retirement gratuity shall be defined as the lesser of the contractual minimal service requirement in the 2008-2012 collective agreement, or ten (10) years.

  • Alternative Employment An employer, in a particular redundancy case, may make application to the Commission to have the general severance pay prescription varied if the employer obtains acceptable alternative employment for an employee.

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