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Xxxx Xxxxxxxx. For the Union: “Xxxx Xxxxx” Xxxx Xxxxxxxx “Xxxx Xxxxxxx” Xxxx Xxxxx “Xxxxxxxx Krenus” Xxxx Xxxxxxx “Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxx” Xxxxxxxx Krenus “Xxxxxx Xxxxxx
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Xxxx Xxxxxxxx. By: (Signed) “Xxxx Xxxxxxxx” Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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  • Third Amended and Restated Credit Agreement Signature Page THE HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK, as a Lender By: /s/ Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: Vice President Xxxxxx Engineering Group Inc.

  • RENOWORKS,LLC Name of company Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, Principal Printed Name and Title of authorized company officer declaring below the confidential status of material 0000 X Xxxxx Xx. Edinburg TX 78542 956-513-1849 Address City State ZIP Phone ALL VENDORS MUST COMPLETE THE ABOVE SECTION.

  • Xxxx Xxxxxxxx 2 Business name/disregarded entity name, if different from above Print or type.

  • EQUIPMENT Excavator Yard Loader Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Grader Street Sweeper Sweeper (Street) Baler (Landfill) Champion Grader R (MOT) EQUIPMENT OPERATOR VI UNIT NO.

  • Third Amended and Restated Credit Agreement Signature Page COMERICA BANK, as a Lender By: /s/ Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Title: Vice President Xxxxxx Engineering Group Inc.

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Xxxx Xxxxxxxx means Xxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, an intern estate agent with FFC certificate no.: 2016756318, serving his internship under Villa YukiSan Eiendomme;
Xxxx Xxxxxxxx. Xxxxx Xxxx" Date: June 24, 2015 LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #4 - Re: Exchange Students in the Department of French, Hispanic & Italian StudiesIt is agreed that when a graduate student exchange takes place in the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies that the exchange student shall be granted a teaching assistant appointment equivalent to that currently held by the U.B.C. student. All the conditions of Article 13 will apply including preference for reappointment. In any case, no member of the bargaining unit will be denied an appointment as a result of the exchange. The U.B.C. exchange student will be guaranteed an appointment equal to or greater than his/her appointment in the bargaining unit.
Xxxx Xxxxxxxx. Authorized Signing Officer The foregoing accurately reflects the terms of the transaction that we are to enter into and such terms are agreed to. ACCEPTED as of this 25th day of June, 2014. TRIBUTE PHARMACEUTICALS CANADA INC. Per: (signed) “Xxx Xxxxxx” Authorized Signing Officer SCHEDULE “A” COMPLIANCE WITH UNITED STATES SECURITIES LAWS As used in this Schedule “A”, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Xxxx Xxxxxxxx. XXXXX XXXXEmployee Relations Manager Business Manager Date: July 9, 2015 LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #1 RE: SHORT-TERM WORK OPPORTUNITIES Where a continuing employee is laid off (but still has recall rights), and a work opportunity of two months or less arises for which the laid-off continuing employee meets the reasonable qualifications as set by the Employer, the Employer will offer the work opportunity to the laid-off continuing employee prior to offering it to a person not possessing recall rights. If the laid-off continuing employee accepts the work opportunity, s/he shall receive the benefits of the Collective Agreement except that s/he shall be paid a wage rate applicable to work opportunities of two months or less in duration. The employee aforesaid shall not start a new 12-month recall period until and unless the cumulative total of such short-term appointments is greater than two months in the 12 months immediately following the employee’s layoff. The foregoing is without prejudice or precedent in relation to any other issues between the parties which may arise as regards bargaining unit work or casual employees. The university and the union reserve their respective existing rights in that regard. The application of the foregoing to individual cases will forthwith be undertaken directly between the parties. Any cases not resolved by the parties shall be referred to Xxxx Xxxxx for resolution. For the University: For the Union:
Xxxx Xxxxxxxx. Xxxx XXxxxxxx