July 2016 Sample Clauses

July 2016. Execute this Agreement in duplicate and return one of the duplicate originals to us for our file. This Agreement: (i) may be amended by notification from us and orders received following such notification shall be deemed to be an acceptance of any such amendment; (ii) may be electronically stored and the electronic copy shall constitute a true, complete, valid, authentic and enforceable record of the Agreement; and (iii) shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. Very truly yours, American Funds Distributors, Inc. By /s/ Matthew P. O’Connor Matthew P. O’Connor President Accepted ______________________________________________ Firm By___________________________________________ Officer or Partner Address: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________ July 2016 Schedule A July 29, 2016 (supersedes all previous versions of Schedule A) AMCAP Fund EuroPacific Growth Fund American Balanced Fund Fundamental Investors American Funds Corporate Bond Fund The Growth Fund of America American Funds Developing World Growth and Income Fund The Income Fund of America American Funds Emerging Markets Bond Fund Intermediate Bond Fund of America American Funds Global Balanced Fund International Growth and Income Fund American Funds Inflation Linked Bond Fund The Investment Company of America American Funds Mortgage Fund Limited Term Tax-Exempt Bond Fund of America American Funds Portfolio Series The New Economy Fund American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio Series New Perspective Fund American Funds Short-Term Tax-Exempt Bond Fund New World Fund American Funds Strategic Bond Fund Short-Term Bond Fund of America American Funds Target Date Retirement Series SMALLCAP World Fund American Funds Tax-Exempt Fund of New York The Tax-Exempt Bond Fund of America American Funds U.S. Government Money Market Fund The Tax-Exempt Fund of California American High-Income Municipal Bond Fund U.S. Government Securities Fund American High-Income Trust Washington Mutual Investors Fund American Mutual Fund The Bond Fund of America Capital Income Builder Capital World Bond Fund Capital World Growth and Income Fund
July 2016. 7. Prospectuses and Marketing Materials We shall furnish you without charge reasonable quantities of offering Prospectuses (including any supplements currently in effect), current shareholder reports of the Funds, and sales materials issued by us from time to time. In the purchase of Shares through us, you are entitled to rely only on the information contained in the offering Prospectus(es). You may not publish any advertisement or distribute sales literature or other written material to the public that makes reference to us or any of the Funds (except material that we furnished to you) without our prior written approval.
July 2016. The dates of the final tournament of the UEFA EURO 2020TM will be determined accordingly, mutatis mutandis, by UEFA, in the period June/July 2020.
July 2016. If the recovery rates presented in the report become legally binding and if they result higher than those actually observed at the end of the liquidation of Banco Espírito Santo, S.A., the Resolution Fund may request additional contributions from the Portuguese banks, including the Issuer, in order to pay the difference. Such an event would have an adverse effect in the Issuer’s results, business and financial condition. The sale of Novo Banco, S.A. failed to occur in the twelve months following the resolution as initially expected. The possibility of further delays in the sale process will maintain the Resolution Fund as the sole equity provider for Novo Banco, S.A., for a longer period of time. During this period, if Novo Banco, S.A. is required to increase capital in order to ensure that all capital ratios are met, additional contributions for the Resolution Fund might be required from the Portuguese banks, including the Issuer. This scenario would have an adverse effect in the Issuer’s results, business and financial condition. The Issuer’s share in the Resolution Fund will vary from time to time according to its own liabilities and funds, when compared to the other participating institutions comprised in the Resolution Fund. Bank of Portugal Aviso 1/2013 (as amended by Aviso 14/2014) sets forth the methodology to calculate periodic contributions to the Resolution Fund. Such methodology consists in the application of a contributive rate to the end of month outstanding balance of liabilities, deducted by own funds and deposits already included in the Deposit Guarantee Fund. The rate to be applied is set by a regulatory instruction issued by Bank of Portugal. For 2016, the rate is 0.02 per cent , as defined in the Instrução 19/2015 issued by the Bank of Portugal. Pursuant to Decree-Law 24/2013, of 19 February, which establishes the calculation method of the initial, periodic and special contributions of the participating institutions to the Resolution Fund, the Issuer estimates, on the date hereof, that its participation in the Resolution Fund should be around 6 per cent. This is an estimation only as the determination of the exact participation is influenced by a number of factors which render impossible a more accurate exercise. The participation of the Issuer in the €700 million loan corresponded to 10 per cent. The resolution measure applied to Banco Internacional do Funchal, S.A. may prejudice investors’ and economic agentspositive perception of t...
July 2016. The actual draw down date of the loan shall be based on the date of the draw down letter, which forms an integral part of this Contract, and has equal legal effect as this Loan Contact.
July 2016. 4.2 Delete Clause 13 and insert the words: This Agreement, and any non‑contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The courts of Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany, shall have non‑exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising under or in connection with this Agreement, and any non‑contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it, and each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of such German courts.
July 2016. European Parliament resolution of 5 July 2016 on implementation of the 2010 recommendations of Parliament on social and environmental standards, human rights and corporate responsibility. Retrieved from http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?pubRef=- //EP//TEXT+TA+P8-TA-2016-0298+0+DOC+XML+V0//EN. European Institute for Asian StudiesEIAS a.s.b.l. 26 Rue de la Loi, 10th Floor, 1040 Brussels/Belgium
July 2016. Unaudited) 1 July 2015-31 December 2016 30 June201635.2(2.2)66.8(1.1)1.3(2.9)30.8(152.1)(121.4)6.0(11.8)(9.6)-(16.8)-70.9(181.6)(67.1)31 December 2015(Audited) Year ended Total comprehensive income and expense attributable to: Equity holders of the parent company57.5¹ These items will be reclassified to the consolidated income statement if specific future conditions are met. The US$16.8 million unrealised loss on foreign exchange hedges transferred directly to equity was recorded in the consolidated income statement in H2 FY 2016. PETRA DIAMONDS LIMITED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION FOR THE SIX MONTH PERIOD ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2016 US$ million(Unaudited) 31December 2016(Unaudited) 31December 2015 (Audited) 30 June2016ASSETSNon-current assetsProperty, plant and equipment 7 1 286.7 912.5 1 079.3Deferred tax asset7.55.87.1BEE loans and receivables13 34.326.228.8Other receivables--2.7Total non-current assets1 328.5944.51 117.9Current assetsTrade and other receivables 50.4 34.9 115.9Inventories78.566.957.9Cash and cash equivalents (including restricted amounts)Total current assets49.0177.942.1143.948.7222.5Non-current assets classified as held for sale15 --18.8Total assetsEQUITY AND LIABILITIESEquityShare capital1 506.4 8 89.31 088.4 88.31 359.2 88.6Share premium account8 665.3664.0665.2Foreign currency translation reserve(341.3)(402.8)(372.1)Share-based payment reserve13.016.814.4Hedging and other reserves9 (0.8)(17.6)(0.8)Retained earnings138.750.6109.1Attributable to equity holders of the parent company564.2 399.3 504.4Non-controlling interest12 54.429.142.4Total equity LiabilitiesNon-current liabilities Loans and borrowings618.6 10 376.7428.4 317.0546.8 317.2BEE loans payable13 96.577.384.6Provisions66.763.259.7Deferred tax liabilities129.896.5106.0Total non-current liabilities669.7554.0567.5Current liabilitiesLoans and borrowings 10 128.0 37.5 107.3Derivative liability9 -32.7-Trade and other payables90.135.8125.4Total current liabilitiesLiabilities directly associated with non-current218.1-106.0-232.712.2assets classified as held for sale15 Total liabilities887.8660.0812.4Total equity and liabilities1 506.41 088.41 359.2 PETRA DIAMONDS LIMITED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF CASHFLOWS FOR THE SIX MONTH PERIOD ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2016 US$ million (Unaudited) 1 July2016-31December 2016 (Unaudited) 1 July 2015-31December 2015 (Audited) 1 July2015-30 June