Xxxxxxx XX definition

Xxxxxxx XX means Pilgrim Media Group, LLC.
Xxxxxxx XX means Xxxxxxx Holding and Finance B.V. and any successor thereto.
Xxxxxxx XX. President Name: ____________________ Title: ___________________ INTERKNIT, INC. [CORPORATE SEAL]

Examples of Xxxxxxx XX in a sentence

  • Xxxxxxx Xx. Email: If to GRAIL, to: GRAIL, LLC 1525 O’Brien Drive Menlo Park, California 94025 Attention: Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx Email: with a copy (which shall not constitute notice) to: Xxxxxx & Xxxxxxx LLP 000 Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 000 Los Angeles, CA 90071 Attention: W.

  • Your participation in the Program will automatically renew on the anniversary of your Effective Date unless You provide thirty (30) days advance written notice of non-renewal prior to the anniversary of your Effective Date, to Piedmont, at the following address: 000 Xxxxxxx Xx. Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30309.

  • The designated representative for the LEA for this DPA is: Name: T_ony Xxxxxxx Title: CTO Address: 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xx., Santa Barbara_, CA 93101 Phone: 000-000-0000 Email: The designated representative for the Provider for this DPA is: Name: Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Title: Address: _0000 X Xxxxxxx Xxx.

  • Hendry County School Board Attorney and General Counsel This day 15 of August , 2023 LEE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD, FLORIDA By: By: Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xx. D., Superintendent Armor Persons, Chair This day of , 2023 This day of , 2023 APPROVED AS TO FORM AND LEGAL SUFFICIENCY: Xxxxx Xxxxx-Xxxxx, Esq.

  • The notice shall be delivered based on the information set forth below: BUYER: City of Lawrenceville, Georgia 00 X Xxxxxxx Xx P.O. Box 2200 Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046 Attention: Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, City Manager Copy To: Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx & Xxxxxx, LLP P.O. Box 1250 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx Lawrenceville, GA 30046 Attention: Lawrenceville City Attorney Email: and Copy To: Living Stone Properties 000 X.

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Xxxxxxx XX. U.S. Patent, "Treatment of Panic Disorder with Adinazolam," Patent Number 4,510,153. (1995)
Xxxxxxx XX means the joint venture between the Partnership’s sponsor and affiliates of Xxxx Xxxxxxx Life Insurance Company.
Xxxxxxx XX means, with respect to any Contract, the amount of each monthly installment of principal and interest payable to the Obligee of such Contract in accordance with the terms thereof, exclusive of any charges allocable to the financing of any insurance premium and charges which represent late payment charges or extension fees.
Xxxxxxx XX has the meaning given on the first page of this Agreement;
Xxxxxxx XX means Xxxxxxx Connect Pipeline & Terminal LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, or another joint venture which owns the Xxxxxxx Pipeline.
Xxxxxxx XX. XXXXONY CLARK INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. having its principal office or place of business at: Suite 355, 10333 Southport Road Calgary, Alberta X0X 0X0 (xxxxxxxxxxx xxx "Xxxxxxx")
Xxxxxxx XX. Xxxxxxxx (1819-83)" Prospects: the quarterly review of comparative education, Vol. XXIII, no. 1/0.Xxxxx, UNESCO: International Bureau of Education, 1993. Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx. ed. Le Livre et le Liban, jusqu’à 1900. Paris : Unesco, 1982. — Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx. ‘Le Livre Libanais de 1585 à 1900’. — Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxx X. ‘Les Libanais et le Livre’. Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx. Intellectual Resistance and the Struggle for Palestine. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Xxxxx, Xxxx. Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Interview. “Xx xxxx publier des livres pour ‘l’enfant nouveau’” (I want to publish books for the ‘new child’). L’Orient. Beirut: Monday, 27 April 1976. Al-Inǧāz xx-Xxxxʿx wa al-Ǧrāfīkī, al-Taǧhīz xx-Xxxxʿx (Printing and Graphic Production, Typesetting). Beirut: Dār al-Muṯallaṯ, 1982. Al-Kitāb al-ʿArabī. Newsletter of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2010. Abu Dhabi: ADIBF. September 30, 2010.