Xxxxxxx XX definition

Xxxxxxx XX means Pilgrim Media Group, LLC.
Xxxxxxx XX means Xxxxxxx Holding and Finance B.V. and any successor thereto.
Xxxxxxx XX means, with respect to any Contract, the amount of each monthly installment of principal and interest payable to the Obligee of such Contract in accordance with the terms thereof, exclusive of any charges allocable to the financing of any insurance premium and charges which represent late payment charges or extension fees.

Examples of Xxxxxxx XX in a sentence

  • Attn: Bxxxx XxXxxxxxx 9000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx., Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxx, XX 00000 If I choose to deliver my acceptance or the rescission of my acceptance by mail, it must be (1) postmarked within the period stated above; and (2) properly addressed to Digi at the address stated above.

  • The Collateral Account is in the name of the Pledgor and has been established and will be maintained at the office of the Custodian located at Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC, 200 0xx Xx, #000 Xxxxxxx, XX 00000.

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Xxxxxxx XX means the joint venture between the Partnership’s sponsor and affiliates of Xxxx Xxxxxxx Life Insurance Company.
Xxxxxxx XX means Xxxxxxx Connect Pipeline & Terminal LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, or another joint venture which owns the Xxxxxxx Pipeline.
Xxxxxxx XX. U.S. Patent, "Treatment of Panic Disorder with Alprazolam," Patent Number 4,508,726. (1985)
Xxxxxxx XX. XXTHONY CLARK INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. having its principal office or place of business at: Suite 355, 10333 Southport Road Calgary, Alberta X0X 0X0 (xxxxxxxxxxx xxx "Xxxxxxx")
Xxxxxxx XX shall be used generally to mean the laser finger perforator device intended for human use, to be utilized by consumers in non-clinical settings, and designed and constructed to incorporate and exploit the patents, know-how, and engineering technologies more specifically defined in Schedule 3.1 hereto.
Xxxxxxx XX means any of Health Visions, Xxxxxxx Physician Group and Xxxxxxx Group Practice.
Xxxxxxx XX has the meaning given on the first page of this Agreement;