Environmental Impacts Sample Clauses

Environmental Impacts. The NRC’s Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants (“License Renewal XXXX”) analyzes the environmental impacts associated with the renewal of nuclear power plant operating licenses. The NRC codified its findings regarding these impacts at 10 C.F.R. Part 51, Subpart A, Appendix B, Table B-1. The codified findings (applicable as of the date the LRA was submitted to the NRC5) identify 92 potential environmental issues. The NRC’s Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Power Plants, Supplement 38
Environmental Impacts. The system’s impact on the natural environment as a result of its operational use, maintenance, transportation, and storage. For example, impacts include pollution (noise, air, and water), threat to endangered species, threat to public health, etc.
Environmental Impacts. Xxxxxxxxxx is concerned about impacts of climate change, particularly with regards to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from operations in connection with the Project. Tsawwassen also raised concerns related to potential vibrations and noise introduced to the aquatic environment of the Fraser River during horizontal directional drilling (HDD) of the watercourse crossing.
Environmental Impacts. The Reference Information Documents contain information relating to environmental features including wetlands, habitat, cultural and natural resources, rare threatened or endangered species, archaeological remains, etc. The Phase Developer shall verify this information is applicable for its intended use and perform all necessary additional studies, field verification, sampling, testing, or other investigations as required to mitigate and manage associated risks eliminate the potential for Unknown Archaeological Remains and Unknown Endangered Species and submit a compliant Committed Section Proposal. The Phase Developer shall alert MDOT if errors or discrepancies are discovered in the MDOT provided Reference Information Documents. The Phase Developer shall perform the Predevelopment Work necessary to confirm that the LOD as presented in the NEPA documents is sufficient for all Section Work. If, after evaluation of potential avoidance measures, the Section Work requires additional LOD beyond that identified in the NEPA documents, the Phase Developer shall conduct additional studies, field investigations, and coordination activities needed to obtain approval of Environmental Summary/NEPA Re-evaluations, permit revisions, and other permits/approvals as described in Exhibit 6 Article 5 (Environmental Management). The Phase Developer shall report to MDOT on the status of the acquisition of additional data and coordination activities as the Work progresses. Prior to the Phase Developer establishing the Design-Build Price, for a Section, the Phase Developer shall prepare an approach to the avoidance and minimization of impacts for the Section demonstrating efforts to further reduce impacts to environmental features.
Environmental Impacts. Policies and Procedures. No additional environmental studies will be conducted other than those described herein. Source of data will include, but not limited to previous environmental studies that have been prepared for projects at the Airport, online database sources and information from the City. The preparation of biological, historical, and cultural resource studies will be provided by an environmental sub‐consultant (SWCA). Xxxxxx shall rely on the findings from the specialized studies prepared by SWCA to support the preparation of the documented CATEX. Xxxxxx will review and incorporate the findings of the specialized studies into the documented CATEX. Xxxxxx will prepare one exhibit depicting the Proposed Project Area that will be included in the documented CATEX. The figure will show the proposed project limits, fence line, contractor staging area, haul route(s), and spoil area (if applicable). The figure will also depict the acreage of direct impact. Xxxxxx will prepare the required documented CATEX in accordance the FAA’s Office of Airports (ARP) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 5.1 for CATEX Determinations. An initial draft CATEX will be submitted to the Sponsor and the FAA for a preliminary review. Comments received will be incorporated into the final CATEX and will be re‐submitted to the Sponsor and the FAA for final review and issuance of a CATEX determination by the FAA.
Environmental Impacts. West Lake hereby agrees to monitor any and all environmental impacts that are or may be associated with water withdrawal and replenishment for or related in any manner to the System, including but not limited to mandatory reporting to the State of Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation (“DEC”) (and any other applicable governmental authority), along with any supporting documentation thereof including by not limited to detailed reports and analysis that may be required by the DEC. West Lake shall not commit or permit any act or occurrence which results or may result in a release or harm to the environment, violation of any applicable state or federal law or regulation, or impact under, in or on the Premises, the groundwater, surface water, or air. West Lake shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Mount Snow, its successors and assigns, from any and all claims, damages, liabilities, expenses or fees related to its operation and use of the System. West Lake shall furnish to Mount Snow true, accurate and complete copies of any reports, correspondence, or filings of any manner sent to the DEC (or other governmental authority) within seven (7) days of submission.
Environmental Impacts. The Concessionaire shall coordinate environmental impact issues with the Director in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") and shall receive written approvals and authorizations from Director. The Concessionaire shall, however, maintain full responsibility for implementing all CEQA and related requirements.
Environmental Impacts. The environmental impacts associated with the construction and operation of the submarine watermain are summarised in the following sections.
Environmental Impacts. 6.4.16 Similar to in-situ bioremediation, the in-situ cement S/S is likely to cause far less environmental impacts than ex-situ options as there would be low disturbance to the seabed due to dredging.
Environmental Impacts. One resident recalled wildlife that frequent their property throughout the year and expressed concern that the proposed development could impact the neighbourhood wildlife. • Adjacent neighbours mentioned that the subject properties are wet. They expressed concern about the proposed on-site sewage system and the absence of any independent input into the safety of the plans in this regard and the potential risk to adjacent properties and quality of life. Residents asked if an environmental assessment addressing this concern was completed? Construction Impacts • A couple residents felt that construction of the proposed units will be extensive and reduce the enjoyment of their property while construction is ongoing. • One resident recalled that the adjacent school experienced challenges with bedrock and they ended up with some property damage after blasting was done to construct the school. The resident noted that the matter was corrected after they incurred legal fees and hassles but expressed concern about experiencing that again. Other • A couple members of the public expressed concern about the effects on property values ability to be able to sell their house in the future. They felt that construction of the proposed developm ent may interrupt the current quiet, secluded area. • One resident expressed concern about light and traffic now in their backyard. • A resident felt that the proposed development would reduce their enjoyment of their property. • A couple residents voiced concern about noise. One resident thought there would be an increase in noise as a result of potential increase in ambulance calls given the proposal is for seniors which they felt would disrupt the peace and tranquility of the subdivision as well as be of cause for concern for young children who become anxious at the sound of sirens. Another resident felt increased noise would make it hard for teachers and students of Xxxxxxxxx Elementary to hear in the three newly installed portables. • One resident asked when the development would start construction and what is the proposed time frame. • One resident recalled that a previous Councillor from 1996-2021 heard public concerns regarding safety when the school was being built and promised sidewalks to improve safety of children walking to school but noted that it never happened. • A member of the public expressed that the proposal should be looked at together with other development proposed in the area. • A couple residents felt that t...