Cost Proposal definition

Cost Proposal means the part of any Bid that sets forth the price for which the Bidder is offering to provide the Authority with the Services/Commodities described in a Solicitation.
Cost Proposal means and refer to the cost proposal approved by ISBE for inclusion in the Agreement, based upon the cost proposal submitted by the Contractor in accordance with the RFSP.

Examples of Cost Proposal in a sentence

  • This information will not be scored as part of the Cost Proposal or evaluated as part the Technical Proposal.

  • The basis shall be supported by the Final Cost Proposal (FCP) shown below.

  • The number of points assigned to the cost evaluation will be prorated, with the lowest accepted Cost Proposal given the maximum number of points possible for this criterion.

  • Other acceptable Cost Proposals will be scored as the ratio of the lowest Cost Proposal to the Proposal being scored, multiplied by the maximum number of points possible for this criterion.

  • Actual wages must be within the allowable range shown on the Final Cost Proposal.

More Definitions of Cost Proposal

Cost Proposal has the meaning given to it in clause 13.2.
Cost Proposal. “Cost Proposal” shall mean the Cost Proposal submitted by Contractor to Authority in response to this Contract No MS260A-16.
Cost Proposal means the cost proposal for each year of the Agreement approved by the Commission as shown on Appendix B.
Cost Proposal means the offer of the Responder submitted on the prescribed form setting forth the price(s) for the Work to be performed.
Cost Proposal means a Proponent’s completed Cost Proposal and all materials submitted with it; may also be referred to asEnvelope B”.