Project Initiation Sample Clauses

Project Initiation i - Upon final execution of the Agreement with the DISTRICT, the ARCHITECT shall: ♦ Review the Program Management Plan (PMP) with the DISTRICT and its representatives to familiarize them with the proposed tasks and schedule and develop necessary modifications. The PMP defines the Program Master Schedule and Budgets and each Project scope and budget.
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Project Initiation. 1.1 Coordinate and conduct project kickoff meeting with Client’s staff.
Project Initiation. This section defines the Core Collaboration Team, the project objectives, project phases, and overall communication plan throughout the project’s phases.
Project Initiation. The Harbor Department will discuss with the Consultant the procedures and requirements to be followed in performing a given special services study/task.
Project Initiation. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx of City Consultants and Research, LLC will travel to West Lafayette to meet with critical City staff. During the meeting, we will work to clearly define the scope of work, tasks, and schedule for completion. It is important to establish key relationships with city staff as part of this process and establish clear expectations for City Consultants and Research, LLC. During this meeting we will:  Collect copies of past Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports;  Discuss a format for the final report;  Discuss the timeline for completion of the report; and  Identify potential areas for staff to assist with the completion of the report.
Project Initiation. 1.1 Detailed Work Plan, Design Program, & Fee (In progress) a. Scope of Work b. Schedule c. Detailed Workplan with Fee FFA All Team FFA All Team
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Project Initiation. The Project Sponsor will designate a qualified project engineer from its staff or hire a project engineer from the Project Sponsors consultant pool or the prequalified UDOT pool, who will be responsible for project delivery. The designated project engineer will be responsible for the completion of the project.
Project Initiation. When a demonstration project is considered, the Union and the Department are encouraged to jointly request demonstration authority from OPM and jointly develop the details of the demonstration project. When the Department receives notification from OPM, another federal agency, or some other public or private organization that a research and demonstration project will be conducted, the Department will notify the Union. The Department agrees not to enter into any research or demonstration project affecting unit employees without first meeting its obligation to consult or negotiate with the Union. The Union will receive the following without cost on a semiannual basis: Information concerning research programs or demonstration projects proposed to OPM by the Department; and, Data and reports of research provided to the Department by OPM or other federal agencies which concern research projects affecting unit employees. Employees participating in any activity covered by this article shall have their participation noted and placed in their eOPF.
Project Initiation. The Contractor will provide project management for the duration of the project. The Contractor will provide resources to execute all project management tasks, functions and activities described in the table below (Project Initiation Activities and Work Products). In addition, the Contractor will maintain and update project activities and associated Work Products on a timely, regular, and ongoing basis. Objective(s):
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