Project Initiation Sample Clauses

Project Initiation i - Upon final execution of the Agreement with the DISTRICT, the ARCHITECT shall:  Review the Program Management Plan (PMP) with the DISTRICT and its representatives to familiarize them with the proposed tasks and schedule and develop necessary modifications. The PMP defines the Program Master Schedule and Budgets and each Project scope and budget.
Project Initiation. The Harbor Department will discuss with the Consultant the procedures and requirements to be followed in performing a given special services study/task.
Project Initiation. This section defines the Core Collaboration Team, the project objectives, project phases, and overall communication plan throughout the project’s phases.
Project Initiation. During this step, Contractor and City will begin working to plan the project kick off meeting. The kick off will be scheduled and completed no later than sixty calendar (60) days after contract signing, and thirty (30) calendar days prior to the start of the system installation. During the kick off, Contractor’s project team will meet City’s project team and discuss project expectations and policies. All team members will be present for the project kick off. The meeting will be either through an audio-video conference call or an on-site meeting with the City. Prior to the call or meeting, the Contractor will forward, via email, the Contractor’s sample implementation plan that details the processes and steps including, but not limited to those processes and steps associated with the configuration, testing, and product/system Acceptance that will be completed during the Project. The key tasks include: • Formally transition and introduce the Project team and their respective responsibilities. • Define the success criteria of the City to meet expectations and achieve appropriate outcomes and the metrics in which these will be measured. • Discuss potential risks/issues based upon the City’s and the Contractor’s experience. • Review the Contractor’s plan that outlines the processes and steps. • Establish the Project schedule including, but not limited to: o Milestones o Dependencies o Contingencies o Resources o Durations This schedule will be created by the Contractor and maintained by the City’s Project Manager in coordination with the Contractor’s and City’s Project teams. • Discuss the Project Communications Plan covering methods used to gather and store Information; limits, if any, on who may give direction and to whom; reporting relationships; list of contact Information; schedule for distribution of Information; weekly status meetings; and a method to update the communications plan as the Project progresses.
Project Initiation. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx of City Consultants and Research, LLC will travel to West Lafayette to meet with critical City staff. During the meeting, we will work to clearly define the scope of work, tasks, and schedule for completion. It is important to establish key relationships with city staff as part of this process and establish clear expectations for City Consultants and Research, LLC. During this meeting we will:  Collect copies of past Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Reports;  Discuss a format for the final report;  Discuss the timeline for completion of the report; and  Identify potential areas for staff to assist with the completion of the report.
Project Initiation. 2.1 Coordinate and conduct project kickoff meeting with Client’s staff.
Project Initiation. The Project Sponsor will designate a qualified project engineer from its staff or hire a project engineer from the Project Sponsors consultant pool or the prequalified UDOT pool, who will be responsible for project delivery. The designated project engineer will be responsible for the completion of the project.
Project Initiation. Task 1.1.1 - Kick-Off Meeting DHA will coordinate a kick-off meeting with the County, Caltrans, the consultant team and other project stakeholders as appropriate to thoroughly discuss the project background, scope, concepts, schedule, and management. This meeting will result in an understanding amongst the project stakeholders as to the project scope and schedule.