Mitigation Measures Sample Clauses

Mitigation Measures. Company shall take commercially reasonable measures (except measures causing it to incur out-of-pocket expenses which BNYM does not agree in advance to reimburse) to mitigate losses or potential losses to BNYM, including taking verification, validation and reconciliation measures that are commercially reasonable or standard practice in the Company’s business.
Mitigation Measures. Tenant has been informed by Landlord that the Project (along with other property) is subject to the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program for the Mission Bay South Plan Area (including, but not limited to, the Mission Bay South CEQA Mitigation Measures described in Attachment L to the Mission Bay South Owner Participation Agreement between the Redevelopment Agency and CDC dated November 16, 1998, and recorded in the Official Records on December 3, 1998, as Document No. 98-G477258). Tenant shall comply with the following mitigation measures (and with any other mitigation measures that Landlord reasonably determines are applicable to Tenant’s operations in the Premises):
Mitigation Measures. 1.1. Contractor shall comply with all applicable mitigation measures, if any, adopted by any public agency with respect to this Project pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act. (See Public Resources Code section 21000 et seq.)
Mitigation Measures. The mitigation measures applicable to the Project developed as part of the EIR process and adopted as part of the Project Approvals, and reflected in the MMRP, and to be implemented as provided in the MMRP.
Mitigation Measures. The Parties agree that the Impact Payments are made in lieu of all taxes and other assessments for the Subject Property otherwise due to the City and/or the City’s departments, boards or commissions including, but not limited to, its police and fire departments. In conjunction with the measures set forth herein, the Impact Payments constitute the Tribe’s mitigation efforts and are in full and complete satisfaction of all Impacts for the Subject Property whether or not identified in this Agreement.
Mitigation Measures. In the event of any claim or potential claim covered by Section 8.10.1, LRI may, in its discretion, seek to mitigate the impact of such claim by modifying, providing a work-around for, or replacing the Software Product to make it non-infringing, and/or by suspending or terminating Customer’s use of the Software Product upon reasonable notice to Customer (provided, in the case of such suspension or termination, that LRI will refund to Customer a portion of fees prepaid by Customer for the then- current subscription period, prorated to the portion of that subscription period that is affected by the suspension or termination, or in the case of a perpetual license, a prorated portion of the license fee as amortized on a straight-line basis over five years from commencement of the license).
Mitigation Measures. Without limiting the generality of Paragraph 29.1 above, Buyer acknowledges that Buyer received and reviewed, before the Termination Deadline, the applicable mitigation measures of the South OPA, which are set forth in Attachment L to the South OPA. Buyer also acknowledges that Buyer will be responsible following the Close of Escrow for complying with and doing all things necessary to perform the obligations of Owner (as therein defined) pertaining to the Land.
Mitigation Measures. During construction, operation, decommissioning, and site restoration of this Project, the Certificate Holder shall implement the mitigation measures set forth in this Agreement, including, but not limited to, those presented in Attachment O of the ASC, those identified in the SEPA Staff Memo and Supplemental Memo, and those presented in the Revised MDNS. For each of these mitigation measures, the Certificate Holder shall in the same filing further identify the Construction Plan and/or Operation Plan addressing the methodology for its achievement. The specific plans and submittals listed in the remainder of this Article IV, and Articles V, VI, VII, and VIII, shall incorporate these mitigation measures as applicable.
Mitigation Measures. In the event that (i) any claim or potential claim covered by Section 7.2 arises or (ii) LCT Software’s right to provide the Service is enjoined or in LCT Software’s reasonable opinion is likely to be enjoined, LCT Software may, in its discretion, seek to mitigate the impact of such claim or injunction by obtaining the right to continue providing the Service, by replacing or modifying the Service to make it non- infringing, and/or by suspending or terminating Customer’s use of the Service with reasonable notice to Customer. In the case of a suspension or termination pursuant to this Section 7.3, LCT Software will refund to Customer a portion of fees prepaid by Customer for the then-current Subscription period, prorated to the portion of that Subscription period that is affected by the suspension or termination).
Mitigation Measures. Mitigation measures described in the Mitigation, Monitoring and Reporting Program attached as Exhibit 1 to Attachment A of the CEQA Findings Motion No. 18880 (the “MMRP”) and designated as applicable to St. Luke’s Near Term Projects therein are necessary to avoid potential significant effects of the proposed Project and have been agreed to by the Project Sponsor. Their implementation is a condition of Project approval to each of the St. Luke's Campus Hospital and St. Luke's Campus MOB, as applicable. For information about compliance, contact Code Enforcement, Planning Department at 000-000-0000,