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Project Summary. The main objective of the LIFE GAIA Sense project is to demonstrate gaiasense, an innovative “Smart Farming” (SF) solution that aims at reducing the consumption of natural resources, as a way to protect the environment and support Circular Economy (CE) models. More specifically, this project will launch 18 demonstrators across Greece, Spain and Portugal covering 9 crops (olives, peaches, cotton, pistachio, potatoes, table tomatoes, industrial tomatoes, almonds, kiwi) in various terrain and microclimatic conditions. They will demonstrate an innovative method, based on high-end technology, which is suitable for being replicated and will be accessible and affordable to farmers either as individuals or collectively through Agricultural Cooperatives. Moreover, LIFE GAIA Sense aims to promote resource efficiency practices in SMEs of the agricultural sector and eventually, contribute to the implementation of the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe. This project will demonstrate a method on how the farmer will be able to decide whether to use or avoid inputs (irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides etc.) and more specifically how to apply them in a most efficient way, without risking the annual production. The focus is on the resource consumption reduction side of CE, and the results will be both qualitatively and quantitatively, considering the resources’ efficiency in agricultural sector.
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Project Summary. This Contract is entered into between Southern California Edison Company ("Edison") and ("Seller"). Seller is willing to construct, own, and operate a Qualifying Facility and sell electric power to Edison and Edison is willing to purchase electric power delivered by Seller to Edison at the Point of Interconnection pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth as follows:
Project Summary. 1.1 Background 3
Project Summary. To provide WIOA employment and training services to young adults between the ages of seventeen (17) through twenty-four (24) for Out-of-School Young Adult (OSY).
Project Summary. A. These General Program Requirements have been designed to provide the framework wherein the One-Stop Center(s) will provide or will coordinate the provision of services for the Orange County One-Stop System.
Project Summary. Present an overview of the project in a minimum of one page including the objectives, the methodology, how FoodAPS data will benefit this project, and how this project will contribute to a further understanding of food markets, consumer behaviors, and food & nutrition assistance policy and programs. Include in the summary a list of all software packages you will need for your proposed project. If a needed package is not already available at NORC, the research team will need to confer with NORC about uploading or otherwise gaining access to the software. Request for Access to Specific FoodAPS Data Group Dataset Requested (Y/N)? Justification Additional Forms Needed Prior to Authorization 1 Main FoodAPS Survey data (includes interview Y ‐ default ERS‐approved project files, FAFH and FAH event and item files, and survey weights) agreement 2 Item‐level IRI classification variables – proprietary Briefly explain how the analysis Third Party Agreement with IRI food item grouping system will use these data. is required, as is USDA collaboration 3 Geography Component – Block group‐, census Briefly explain how these data tract‐, county‐aggregated store and other food environment data. TFP price indices. will be used. 4 TDLinx store data / USDA’s STARS file of SNAP‐ Briefly explain how these data Third Party Agreement with authorized stores will be used. Nielsen is required, as is USDA collaboration 5 Household Geocodes Briefly explain how these data will be used. 6 FoodAPS places Geocodes Briefly explain how these data will be used. 7 IRI Point of Sale Data from FoodAPS PSUs Briefly explain how these data Third Party Agreement with IRI will be used. is required, as is USDA collaboration PROJECT PARTICIPANT INFORMATION (repeat for each person): Name: Title: Phone number: Email address: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING: The Memorandum of Understanding associated with this Agreement serves as the foundation for the cooperation between the Organization and ERS regarding the use of FoodAPS data for strictly statistical purposes. All projects that access the FoodAPS data must adhere to and abide by the provisions laid out in the Memorandum of Understanding. DATA SHARING: The Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act of 2002 (CIPSEA), Title V of the E-Government Act of 2002 (Public Law 107-347), Subtitle A, establishes standards and requirements that provide the legal authority for any party entering into this Memorandum of Understanding. CIPSEA allows ...
Project Summary. Please attach a study protocol with responses to the following:  A statement of the problem area addressed by the study/research;  The goals, objectives, and timetable of the study/research;  A description of the analyses to be performed using FBDR data including specific testable hypotheses if any;  An explanation of what work will be performed by any sub‐contractors or affiliated organizations and how control of the project will be maintained;  A listing of all sources of data; and  A description of how and when research results will be released.
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Project Summary. Project summaries submitted for Factor 2, Corporate Experience, shall be submitted under the Technical Volume on up to ten, double-sided 8.5 X 11 inch pages. Each project must be contained on two (2) pages or less. Each side of a page used equals one page towards the page count.
Project Summary. 1.1 Seller's Generating Facility:
Project Summary. The Project shall be consistent with the Land Use Plan attached hereto as Exhibit H and more particularly described in the Development Plan, and includes the following improvements (and to the extent the following is inconsistent with the Development Plan, the Development Plan shall control):
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