Environmental impact statement definition

Environmental impact statement means an informational document prepared in compliance with chapter 343, Hawai‘i Revised Statutes, and which discloses the environmental effects of a proposed action, effects of a proposed action on the economic and social welfare of the community and state, effects of the economic activities arising out of the proposed action, measures proposed to minimize adverse effects, and alternatives to the action and their environmental effects.
Environmental impact statement means a detailed written statement as required by section 102(2)(C) of the Act.
Environmental impact statement. , "statement", or "EIS" means an informational document prepared in compliance with chapter 343, HRS. The initial EIS filed for public review shall be referred to as the draft EIS and shall be distinguished from the final EIS, which is the document that has incorporated the public’s comments and the responses to those comments. The final EIS is the document that shall be evaluated for acceptability by the accepting authority.

Examples of Environmental impact statement in a sentence

Environmental impact statement (EIS) – A document which discusses proposed actions, alternatives, and impacts.

The board may by waiver accept variations from this chapter in such plans if the pipeline company is able to satisfy the standards set forth in 199 IAC 1.3(17A,474,476) and if the alternative methods would restore the land to a condition as good as or better than provided for in this chapter.9.2(3) Environmental impact statement, environmental assessments, and agreements.

Environmental impact statement and fishery management plan for the reef fish resources of the Gulf of Mexico and environmental impact statement.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) means a written "draft" or "final" document prepared in accordance with sections 617.9 and 617.10 of this Part.

Environmental impact statement for operation and maintenance of the 9-Foot Channel, Upper Mississippi River, Pools 23, 24, Mississippi and Illinois Rivers.

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Environmental impact statement means an environmental impact statement prepared in accordance with Division 3;
Environmental impact statement means a detailed state- ment required under s. 1.11 (2) (c).
Environmental impact statement. (hereinafter EIS) means the environmental impact statement report that is prepared by the Proponent for submission to the Joint Review Panel.
Environmental impact statement means a detailed statement under s. 1.11 (2) (c).
Environmental impact statement means a document prepared by an applicant to present the case for the assessment of his proposal as part of the environmental impact assessment process;
Environmental impact statement means the document that the proponent will prepare in accordance with the Environmental Impact Statement Guidelines issued by the Parties pursuant to Part II of the Appendix to this Agreement.
Environmental impact statement means a document or series of documents which contains or contain the information on the likely effects of the proposed development on the environment and the means to overcome adverse effects, required by section 26;