STATE OF VERMONT. STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW) Request for Proposal (RFP) (NOTE: Text that appears in orange letters is instructive only and should be deleted from the final RFP. Text in yellow highlighting must be updated or deleted. Utilize or delete paragraphs as appropriate to the RFP. Text that appears in black letters should be included in the RFP as is.) Retainer Contract Service Category: PROJECT NAME Request for Proposal Month DD, YYYY
STATE OF VERMONT. CONTRACT 32107 AMENDMENT 5 It is hereby agreed by and between the State of Vermont, Department of Buildings and General Services (the "State") and East River Energy, Inc, with a principal place of business in Guilford, CT (the "Contractor") that the contract between them originally dated as of July 1, 2016, Contract # 32107, as amended to date, (the "Contract") is hereby amended as follows:
STATE OF VERMONT. BY THE SUBRECIPIENT: E-SIGNED by Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx on 2015-05-20 02:39:20 GMT May 20, 2015 E-SIGNED by Xxxxx Xxxxxx on 2015-05-19 19:57:05 GMT May 19, 2015 Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx, Commissioner Date 000 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxx 000 Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000Xxxxx: 802-879-5901Email: xxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Chief Nursing Officer Date Southwestern Vermont Medical Center 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Phone: 000-000-0000 Email: ATTACHMENT A SCOPE OF WORK TO BE PERFORMED This grant agreement relates to health care innovation services provided by the Subrecipient. In 2013, the State was awarded a State Innovation Model (SIM) federal grant to support the work outlined below as part of the Vermont Health Care Innovation Project (VHCIP). This Grant is a sub- award as a part of the VHCIP Grant Program, which solicited proposals in the fall of 2014. The Subrecipient will aim to reduce health care costs in a small rural community by implementing an innovative adaptation of the transitional care model (TCM) that supports patient self-care. TCM will be implemented across a rural service area to test the model's impact on population health and to inform research on its application to the Accountable Care Organization model. Subrecipient Shall:
STATE OF VERMONT. Department of Public Service (Public Utility Commission) Management Consulting Services Performed Overview: Projects related to which private sector companies could best meet the utility and communications needs of the citizens of Vermont. First project included a systems and network review of FairPoint Communications as they sought approval from the State of Vermont for acquisition of Verizon’s Communications properties. This involved planning, detailed review of all business systems related to their ability to properly process the new customer base. In addition, the telecommunications network and plant and facilities were reviewed to confirm operational readiness and FairPoint’s ability to take it over. A second related project involved the review of service quality after several years of operation. A third related project provided consulting services on the proposed acquisition of FairPoint Communications by Consolidated Communications of 850,000 customers for $2B, and whether this acquisition was in the interest of public good for the citizens and residents of Vermont. Consolidated sought approval from the State of Vermont to acquire the company and assets. The review involved a full spectrum assessment of Consolidated’s capability to assume responsibility for FairPoint’s communications services business. This included a review of finances, call center operations and service quality history and capability, network operations, engineering, regulatory issues, and systems. Another project included expert testimony related to the Noverco acquisition. A Quebec corporation, Energir L.P., directly and indirectly owns Norther New England Energy corporation which owns Vermont Gas Systems and Green Mountain Power. Noverco, owns 71% interest in Energir. Valener Inc., a Canadian corporation, owns an indirect 29% interest in Energir. Noverco seeks to acquire Xxxxxxx’s 29% interest in Energir. Vermont’s Public Utility Commission sought an independent expert review and testimony to determine if allowing this business transaction would be consistent with Vermont’s public good. ProCom’s experts provided review and evaluation of all petition materials and intervenor testimony as well as pre-filed and live panel expert witness testimony offering opinions on the Noverco petition. Key Services Provided: ProCom provided the core team for development of primary deliverables. Category 1 Services provided included Consulting on Management Strategy, Project Management, Program ...
STATE OF VERMONT. E-SIGNED by Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx February 29, 2016 on 2016-02-29 17:55:08 GMT BY THE CONTRACTOR: E-SIGNED by Xxx Xxxxxx February 29, 2016 on 2016-02-29 14:13:43 GMT XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX, COMMISSIONER DATE312 Hurricane Lane, Suite 201Williston, VT 05495-2087Phone: 802-879-5901Email: DONGEORGE, PRESIDENT ANDCEO DATE Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont 000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, XX Email: ATTACHMENT C: STANDARD STATE PROVISIONS FOR CONTRACTS AND GRANTS
STATE OF VERMONT. BY THE CONTRACTOR: e-Signed by Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx February 22, 2017 on 2017-02-22 19:10:38 GMT e-Signed by Xxxxxx Xxxxxx February 22 on 2017-02-22 19:09:14 GMT , 2017 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Commissioner Date Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Principal Date NOB 1 South, 000 Xxxxx Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Phone: 000-000-0000 Phone: 000-000-0000 Email: Email: Exhibit A
STATE OF VERMONT. BY THE CONTRACTOR: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Deputy Commissioner 000 Xxxxx Xxxxx, XXX 0 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 Phone: 000-000-0000 Email: 12/8/2021 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, VP Sales 000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 0-000 Xxxxxx, XX 00000 Phone: 000-000-0000 Email:
STATE OF VERMONT. BY THE SUBRECIPIENT: E-SIGNED by Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx on 2020-12-31 17:35:57 GMT December 31, 2020 12/7/20 Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Commissioner Date Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Date AHS/DVHA NOB 1 SOUTH, 000 XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX, XX 00000 Email: University of Vermont Medical Center 000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxx XXXXXXXXXX, XX 00000 PHONE: 000-000-0000
STATE OF VERMONT. BY THE CONTRACTOR: 2/1/2022 2/1/2022 Xxxxxx De Xx Xxxxxx Date Commissioner AHS/DVHA NOB 1 SOUTH, 000 XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX, XX 00000-0000 PHONE: 000-000-0000 Email: Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Date VP Medical Group Operations The University of Vermont Medical Center 000 Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx XXXXXXXXXX, XX 00000 PHONE: (000) 000-0000