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At 10. 00 A.M., New York time, on the Delivery Date, the Securities to be purchased by the undersigned hereunder will be delivered by the Company to the undersigned, and the undersigned will accept delivery of such Securities and will make payment to the Company of the purchase price therefor, at the office of . Payment will be certified or official bank check payable in next-day funds settled through the New York Clearing House to or upon the order of the Company. This Contract will terminate and be of no further force and effect after , 199 , unless (i) on or before such date it shall have been executed and delivered by both parties hereto or (ii) the Company shall have sold to the Underwriters named in the Prospectus the Immediate Delivery Underwritten Securities (as defined in the Underwriting Agreement referred to in the Prospectus) and the Company shall have mailed or delivered to the undersigned at its address set forth below a notice to that effect, stating the date of the occurrence thereof, accompanied by copies of the opinion of counsel for the Company delivered to such Underwriters pursuant to Paragraph 10(d) of the Underwriting Agreement. The obligation of the undersigned to accept delivery and make payment for the Securities on the Delivery Date will be subject to the condition that the Securities shall not, on the Delivery Date, be an investment prohibited by the laws of the jurisdiction to which the undersigned is subject, the undersigned hereby representing that such an investment is not so prohibited on the date hereof. This Contract will inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective successors but will not be assignable by either party hereto without the written consent of the other. It is understood that acceptance of any Delayed Delivery Contract (as defined in said Underwriting Agreement) is in the Company's sole discretion and, without limiting the foregoing, need not be on a first-come, first-served basis. If this Contract is acceptable to the Company, it is requested that the Company sign the form of acceptance below and mail or deliver one of the counterparts hereof to the undersigned at its address set forth below. This will become a binding contract between the Company and the undersigned when such counterpart is so mailed or delivered. Very truly yours, By_______________________ _______________________ Title _______________________ Address Accepted as of , 19 . NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY By_______...
At 10. 00 A.M., New York time, on the Delivery Date, the Securities to be purchased by the undersigned hereunder will be delivered by the Telephone Company to the undersigned, and the undersigned will accept delivery of such Securities and will make payment to the Telephone Company of the purchase price therefor at the office of The Bank of New York. Payment will be by certified or official bank check payable in next-day funds settled through the New York Clearing House, or such other Clearing House as the Telephone Company may designate, to or upon the order of the Telephone Company. The Securities will be delivered in such authorized forms and denominations and registered in such names as the undersigned may designate by written or telegraphic

Examples of At 10 in a sentence

  • At 10 years old all vehicles will require a Council Vehicle Test prior to each renewal and at 6 monthly intervals.

  • At 10 pm and without further debate the Chairman shall immediately put to the vote any motion or amendment, which has been formally moved and seconded.

  • At 10 percent operating margin, profit sharing will be 2 percent of eligible payroll.

  • At 10 minutes prior to the Operating Hour, the CAO will begin the ramp.

  • At 1.0 atm, a 50% H2/N2 mixture will be reported as 50% by the analyzer.

  • At 1.0 lb./A, the PRODIAMINE 4SC SELECT rate would be proportional to 6 mL per quart.

  • At 10 metres, the radiation emissions of shielded gamma ray and neutron sources are at, or below, natural background rates in almost all cases.”149 DTRA states, “The only way to overcome this physical reality is to stimulate the radiation emitted by SNM to a level many times above background.

  • At 10 foot (3 m) intervals along the glare screen installation, apply (appropriate to the direction of traffic) 3 inch by 6 inch (75 mm by 150 mm) yellow or white strips of Type III or IV retroreflective sheeting meeting the requirements of Section 4186 to the appropriate glare screen blades.

  • At 10 minutes and five minutes prior to the conclusion of the examination the Presiding Officer will announce the number of minutes remaining.

  • At 10 unexcused absences, student and parent will be required to attend a Juvenile Court hearing.

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  • Seat Belt means a properly installed:

  • ADN means the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Inland Waterways;

  • AT&T-12STATE means the AT&T owned ILEC(s) doing business in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.

  • Fat wood means pieces of wood kindling with high naturally-occurring levels of sap or resin which enhance ignition of the kindling. “Fat wood” does not include any kindling with substances added to enhance flammability, such as wax-covered or wax-impregnated wood-based products.

  • the Academy means the school referred to in Article 4 and established by the Academy Trust;

  • TMDL means the total maximum daily load limitation of a parameter, representing the estimated assimilative capacity for a water body before other designated uses are adversely affected. Mathematically, it is the sum of wasteload allocations for point sources, load allocations for non-point and natural background sources, and a margin of safety.

  • the SSCBA means the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992;

  • the BCTF Plan means the Group RRSP entered into by the Federation and Royal Trust or a successor to that plan;

  • Heat input means the product (expressed in mmBtu/time) of the gross calorific value of the fuel (expressed in Btu/lb) and the fuel feed rate into the combustion device (expressed in mass of fuel/time) and does not include the heat derived from preheated combustion air, recirculated flue gases, or ex- haust from other sources.

  • SDA means Shell Development (Australia) Proprietary Limited a company incorporated in Queensland;

  • GATT 1994 means the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994, contained in Annex 1A to the WTO Agreement;

  • factory means any premises including the precincts thereof—

  • Cat means the consolidated audit trail contemplated by SEC Rule 613.

  • At-risk pupil means a pupil in grades K to 12 for whom the district has documentation that the pupil meets any of the following criteria:

  • Adult foster care means room and board, supervision, and special services to an adult who has a

  • Flat coating means a coating that is not defined under any other definition in this section and that registers gloss less than 15 on an 85-degree meter or less than 5 on a 60-degree meter.

  • Mining Xxx 0000 means the Mining Xxx 0000 and the amendments thereto and the regulations made thereunder as in force on 31st December, 1981;

  • Short-rotation coppice means a specific management regime whereby the poles of trees are cut every one to two years and which is aimed at producing biomass for energy. It is exempt from the UK government timber procurement policy requirements and falls under agricultural regulation and supervision rather than forestry. The exemption only refers to short-rotation coppice, and not 'conventional' coppice which is forest management and therefore subject to the timber policy.

  • Chain pharmacy warehouse means a physical location for prescription drugs that acts as a central warehouse and performs intracompany sales or transfers of the prescription drugs to a group of chain pharmacies that have the same common ownership and control.

  • Houseboat means a powered vessel containing living accommodation, usually flat- bottomed and used in navigation.

  • MECAB refers to the Multiple Exchange Carrier Access Billing document prepared by the Billing Committee of the Ordering and Billing Forum “OBF”, which functions under the auspices of the Carrier Liaison Committee “CLC of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions “ATIS”. The MECAB document, published by ATIS as ATIS/OBF- MECAB- Issue 6, February 1998, contains the recommended guidelines for the billing of access services provided to an IXC by two or more LECs, or by one LEC in two or more states within a single LATA.

  • ACE means the instantaneous difference between a Balancing Authority’s net actual and scheduled interchange, taking into account the effects of Frequency Bias and correction for meter error.

  • ICSID means the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes;

  • Transportation network company means a company or organization facilitating and/or providing transportation services using a computer or digital application or platform to connect or match passengers with drivers for compensation or a fee.

  • Mobile food vendor means every corporation, association, joint stock association, person, firm or partnership, their lessees, directors, receivers, trustees, appointees by any court whatsoever, or the heirs, executors, administrators, or personal representatives or assignees of any deceased owner, owning, controlling, operating or managing any mobile food vending unit.

  • Automotive Wax, Polish, Sealant or Glaze means a product designed to seal out moisture, increase gloss, or otherwise enhance a motor vehicle’s painted surfaces. “Automotive Wax, Polish, Sealant or Glaze” includes, but is not limited to, products designed for use in autobody repair shops and “drive-through” car washes, as well as products designed for the general public. “Automotive Wax, Polish, Sealant or Glaze” does not include “Automotive Rubbing or Polishing Compounds”, automotive wash and wax products, surfactant-containing car wash products, and products designed for use on unpainted surfaces such as bare metal, chrome, glass, or plastic.