Elected Office Sample Clauses

Elected Office. A certified employee may be granted a maximum of ten (10) days temporary leave in the event the certified employee is elected or appointed to a local, state, or national governmental office, or is elected or appointed to a state or national office in a professional educational organization, the duties of which office require periodic absences to attend statewide, regional (within or outside the state), or national meetings; provided, however, in the event the certified employee receives compensation from his/her elected or appointed office, the cost of a substitute shall be deducted from a certified employee's salary. The total amount deducted, however, shall not exceed the total amount received from such office. Additional days may be approved by the Superintendent of Schools, but only at full deduction of salary.
Elected Office.  An elected or appointed officer who willfully violates the provisions of the constitution and by-laws or any SOP enacted by the Board may be removed from office by a petition signed by three-fourths (3/4) of the voting membership.  Any allegations of misconduct, misappropriation of funds, or of an officer consistently not serving in the best interest of the Boosters, must be submitted in writing and signed by the voting member making the allegations.  This must be presented to the Board, via certified mail, and a copy forwarded to the said officer.  A majority vote by the General Membership shall constitute retention or removal of the officer from the Board by secret, written ballot and tallied by the staff.  No proxy voting is allowed.  Any officer absenting themselves for more than three successive meetings shall be automatically suspended from office. Serious illness and excused absences accepted.
Elected Office. A leave of absence without pay may be granted to serve in elected public office where the duties of such office require full-time participation of the incumbent and preclude continuance of normal teaching duties in the district. Such leave shall be granted annually and be renewed annually for the length of the term of office. In addition, a reasonable period of time, to be mutually determined by the Superintendent and member of the bargaining unit concerned, may be granted without pay to a member of the bargaining unit for the purpose of campaigning for public office.
Elected Office a. Should an employee, covered by this bargaining unit, be elected to the position of President, Vice-President or Executive 1st Vice-President of the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association, they shall be placed on administrative leave.
Elected Office. Upon application by the Union, the Employer will grant a leave of absence without pay to an employee elected or appointed to a Full-time Union position for a period of three (3) years. Such term may be extended by mutual agreement. Health and Welfare Benefits as set out in Article 22 (save and except for Sick Leave, Life Insurance, AD&D and LTD) shall continue in effect and be paid for by the Employer in accordance with the Collective Agreement, and that cost will be reimbursed to the Employer by the Union. The Employer will continue to pay the employee’s wages as if she were at work, including pension contributions, provided the Union reimburses the Employer for the cost of wages, benefits and pension. The Union will be responsible for the provision of the employee’s WSIB coverage. The employee’s seniority will continue to accrue during an approved leave under this article.
Elected Office. A leave of one (1) or two (2) years may be granted for service as an elected officer of a professional organization, or to campaign for or to serve if elected to a public office.
Elected Office