Public Office Sample Clauses

Public Office a) The Company will grant leave of absence for campaign purposes to candidates for Federal, Provincial or Municipal elective public office for periods up to and including eight (8) weeks, provided the Company is given due notice in writing of twenty (20) calendar days, unless the need for such application could not reasonably be foreseen.
Public Office. Employees shall be granted unpaid leave of absence to enable them to run for elected public office and if elected, to serve their term(s) of office subject to the following provisions:
Public Office. The Executive Superintendent of Human Resource Services or designate shall grant a leave of absence to an Employee who is elected to public office for a period of one (1) elected term of office without the loss of seniority. The leave may be renewed for one additional term.
Public Office. When elected to a federal or provincial legislature or elected to a full-time municipal office outside of the geographical boundaries of Regional Niagara, the Corporation will grant leave of absence without pay and benefits and without loss or further accumulation of seniority for one (1) term of office. One further extension of one (1) term may be granted on written application.
Public Office. A. An employee who is elected to a municipal, county, state or federal office shall, upon written application to the employer, be granted a leave of absence without pay of up to four (4) consecutive years except where prohibited by law. The leave of absence shall be granted without loss of accrued employment benefits that have been earned prior to the leave of absence unless the position no longer exists, in which case the employee shall be placed in the first available position for which he/she is qualified. Insurance benefits may be continued by the employee upon payment of the premiums to the employer and acceptance by the carrier.
Public Office. Upon return from such leave, the teacher shall be assigned to his/her former position or equivalent position if either is available and provided always that the teacher is able to perform the duties required by the position, provided the teacher gives notice on intent to return the following school year no later than April 30.
Public Office. A leave of absence without pay and without the continuation of any fringe benefits, not to exceed six years, may be granted to an Employee upon application, for the purpose of permitting such Employee to serve in an elective public office at the state or national level. Upon return to employment following the completion of such leave, any sick leave and any unused personal leave accrued by the Employee prior to such leave shall be reinstated and the Employee shall resume the same position on the salary schedule as he/she occupied at the commencement of such leave.
Public Office. 24:01 For the purpose of this section, “
Public Office. The Board shall grant a leave of absence without pay and without credit on the salary schedule to any teacher to campaign for, or serve one (1) term of public office.
Public Office. 19.01 The Commission will allow an employee, at any given time, a Leave of Absence to hold public office without payment of wages or benefits. The employee’s seniority and service will be frozen for the length of the leave. When the leave is over, the employee will be reinstated to his/her former job at the current rate of pay, provided he/she is able to do the job. At the employee’s election, the employee must pay the full cost of the employee and employer pension contributions at the end of each calendar year.