DUTY LEAVE Sample Clauses

DUTY LEAVE. 6.4.1 Employees who work overtime as defined in Clause 6.1.2 on any Saturday and/or Sunday shall be entitled to 2 hours duty leave for each Saturday and for each Sunday worked. Duty leave so earned shall be taken within four weeks of being accrued. Employees who work on less than 5 days per week are not entitled to this provision.
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DUTY LEAVE. Duty leave is defined as being absent from the regular place of work for the purposes of: supervising students on any school-sponsored activity; trips or meetings necessary to carry out assigned duties; absences specifically assigned by the employee’s supervisor. There are no limits on duty leave, nor will duty absences be held against employees when requesting other leaves.
DUTY LEAVE. An employee shall not be denied use of accrued leave to attend conservatorship or guardianship hearings and related court appearances where the employee is the court-appointed conservator/guardian or is petitioning the court to be appointed conservator/guardian of a relative.
DUTY LEAVE. This Article does not apply to Postmasters in a group office in non Corporation premises. An employee shall be granted injury-on-duty leave with pay for such period as may be determined by a Provincial Workers’ Compensation Board that he is unable to perform his duties or any available work because of: personal injury accidentall received in the performance of his duties and not caused by the wilful misconduct, or resulting from the nature of his employment, or over-exposure to radioactivity or other hazardous conditions in the course his employment, if the employee agrees to pay to the Corporation any amount received by him for loss of wages in settlement of any claim he may have in respect of such injury, sickness or exposure. ARTICLE INSURANCE PLANS
DUTY LEAVE. Staff may be, at the discretion of administration, granted Duty Leave when they are assisting the District through their service and/or attendance at professional meetings, workshops, conferences, and/or other activities deemed appropriate by administration.
DUTY LEAVE. (a) The Employer shall pay an employee the balance of his day's pay for the first day of an injury covered by the Workers' Compensation Board. While the parties are awaiting the decision of the Workers' Compensation Board as to the compensability of an injury, the employee shall use his sick leave credits. If the injury is not compensable there shall be no return of the sick leave credits used by the employee. If the injury is compensable, the employee shall reimburse the Employer for the amount of sick leave pay received and the Employer shall credit the employee with the sick leave credits used. Subject to operational requirements, leave without pay, to a maximum of three (3) days per fiscal year, may be granted on very short notice to an employee in order to meet traditional hunting, fishing or harvesting pursuits. Such leave shall not be unreasonably denied. Article Hours of Work The workweek shall consist of five (5) workdays from Monday to Friday of seven and one-half consecutive hours between the hours of a.m. and exclusive of a one hour lunch period. Employees shall be entitled to a rest period with pay of fifteen (15) minutes duration commencing on or about and shall be entitled to a rest period with pay of fifteen (15) minutes commencing on or about Provided sufficient advance notice is given, and with the approval of the Employer, employees may exchange overtime or standby shifts if there is no increase in costs to the Employer.
DUTY LEAVE. An employee who is elected or selected by Local to represent it at Union Conventions or Seminars will receive every consideration by the Universityto make attendance possible. Such leave shall be without pay and without loss of seniority and shall be limited to not more than two (2) employees at one time, with not more than one person from each Classification Schedule. Requests will be considered if received in writing by the Manager, Security Services or the Manager, Parking and Student Security Services, as appropriate, at least fourteen (14) days in advance. An employee appointed by the Union to represent it at meetings outside University premises will receive every consideration by the University to make attendance possible. Requests will be considered if received in writing at least seven (7) calendar days in advance to the Manager, Security Services, or the Manager, Parking and Student Security Services, as appropriate, and if granted, such leave shall be without pay and without loss of seniority. An employee who is electedor appointed to a position within the Union for more than three (3) consecutivemonths but not more than two (2) years shall be granted, upon request in writing and thirty (30) calendar days in advance, a leave of absence. During such leave the employee will maintain seniority accrued to the date of commencement of such leave. If the resulting vacancy is filled on a basis, such placement shall not be bound by the time provisions of Article and, in any event, shall not exceed the leave of absence. Upon receipt of a written request at least thirty (30) calendar days in advance, the University will return the employee to the same or comparable position that the employee was in at the start of the leave. In the event the original position no longer exists, such employee will be placed in a vacancy in the employee's former classification schedule.
DUTY LEAVE. (a) An employee, receiving compensation benefits, the Workers' Compensation Act for injury on the j o b shall receive the difference between her regular pay and the benefit that i s paid by the Workers' Compensation Board during her period o f t o t a l temporary disability. The Workers' Compensation Act, presently i n force does not define the term " total temporary d i s a b i l i t y " therefore for the purposes of administering t h i s clause the following w i l l be the definition o f " total temporary disability " . " Total Temporary i s t h e period o f time that an injured employee i s receiving weekly compensation benefits determined by the Workers' Compensation Board while undergoing medical treatment or rehabilitation programs t o correct such o c c u p a t io n a inj u If such employee i s i n receipt o f a Canada Pension Plan Benefit and i s s t i l l considered t o be " Totally Temporarily Disabled " the Hospital shall pay the difference between his regular pay and - the benefits paid by the Workers' Compensation Board and the Canada Pension Plan. The absence of an employee who i s receiving compensation benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act shall not be charged against the sick leave credits or credits. Employees who are receiving compensation benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act and who are normally e l i g i b l e f o r earned vacation and sick leave credits - in accordance with A r t i c l e and shall continue t o earn such credits t o the number o f days that would have accrued for one year of service.
DUTY LEAVE. The Corporation agrees to pay the difference between an employee's regular straight time pay (excluding payment for expenses) and the amount an employee receives for:
DUTY LEAVE. An Employee shall be granted leave with pay for such reasonable period as may be determined by the Employer where it is determined by the Workplace Safety and insurance Board that he is unable to perform his duties because of: