Confirmation Sample Clauses

Confirmation. You must provide written confirmation to the Fund that instructions have been executed. You agree to provide confirmation as soon as reasonably practicable, but not later than ten (10) business days after the instructions have been executed.
Confirmation. For each order to purchase a Certificated Note solicited by the Agent and accepted by or on behalf of the Company, the Agent will issue a confirmation to the purchaser, with a copy to the Company, setting forth the details set forth above and delivery and payment instructions.
Confirmation. The Company agrees that, if, to the knowledge of the Company, any events occur or circumstances exist prior to the payment of the Purchase Price by the Buyer to the Company which would make any of the Company’s representations or warranties set forth herein materially untrue or materially inaccurate as of such date, the Company shall immediately notify the Buyer in writing prior to such date of such events or circumstances, specifying which representations or warranties are affected and the reasons therefor.
Confirmation. The Dealer Manager hereby acknowledges that the Dealer Manager has assumed the duty to confirm on behalf of the Dealers all orders for purchases of Shares accepted by the Company. Such confirmations will comply with the rules of the SEC and FINRA and will comply with the applicable laws of such other jurisdictions to the extent that the Dealer Manager is advised of such laws in writing by the Dealer.