ANNUAL VACATIONS. Vacation entitlement earned during previous employment shall be credited to the employee, and vacations granted shall be in accordance with such previous entitlement (Articles 28.01 and 28.02).
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ANNUAL VACATIONS. 11.1 Annual vacations with pay shall be granted to eligible employees computed at the rate shown in Section 11.3 for each hour on regular pay status as shown on the payroll, but not to exceed eighty (80) hours per pay period.
ANNUAL VACATIONS. Paid annual vacation for all employees covered by this Agreement shall be allowed as follows:
ANNUAL VACATIONS. NOTE: Notwithstanding the provisions of this Article set out below, an employee's entitlement to vacation with pay for a calendar year during which an employee takes a leave of absence with net credited service (except a leave granted under Article 31), shall be as determined by the terms and conditions of the leave.
ANNUAL VACATIONS. 14.01 Employees with less than one (1) year of service shall be entitled to four percent (4%) vacation pay if they leave the service of the Employer prior to their first anniversary.
ANNUAL VACATIONS. (a) Auxiliary employees will be entitled to receive vacation pay at the rate of six percent of their regular earnings. Auxiliary employees shall receive their earned vacation biweekly.
ANNUAL VACATIONS. 9.01 a) Upon completion of twelve (12) months service, an employee shall be entitled to receive a paid vacation of fifteen (15) working days. Payment for such vacation period shall be at the employee's current wage rate or six (6%) percent of gross earnings for the period in which the vacation was earned, whichever is greater.
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ANNUAL VACATIONS. (a) Entitlement to Vacation Pay Part-time employees shall earn and accrue entitlement to vacation pay on a pro rata basis in accordance with the following formula: Hours Paid at Regular Rate Full-time hours = Prorating factor Example of entitlement to vacation pay: Employee ‘A’ is a part-time employee, listed as .5EFT. In the previous year, ‘A’ worked more than .5 of the full-time hours, and in fact worked 1,410 hours. ‘A’s entitlement to vacation pay would be based on a prorating factor of: 1410 2015 = .7 Prorating factor
ANNUAL VACATIONS. All regular employees covered by this Agreement shall receive an annual vacation with pay, on the following basis:
ANNUAL VACATIONS. 14.1(a) An employee who, at the beginning of the calendar year, is not qualified for vacation under Clause (b) hereof, shall be allowed one working day's vacation with pay for each 25 days' cumulative service, or major portion thereof, during the preceding calendar year, with a maximum of 10 working days until qualifying for further vacation under Clause (b) hereof.
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