Days per Week Sample Clauses

Days per Week. This contract is let on the understanding that the Contractor will work an expected minimum of 5 Days per working week. Note that total days required will be agreed in advance by Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx and may vary during the period of the Contract. This will be for a period of the total period of the Contract (11 weeks)
Days per Week. A casual employee shall not work more than 5 days per week without the payment of overtime. By agreement however a casual may work 6 days in a week.
Days per Week. Replace lights as needed Empty all waste baskets and other waste containers Damp clean lobby counters Clean and sanitize rest room fixtures, mirrors, chrome pipes, etc. Clean splash marks from walls of rest rooms Mop hard surface areas, bathrooms, break areas, food service, and lunch room Refill soap, towel and paper containers Clean and sanitize drinking fountains Clean entrance glass Damp clean table tops in break rooms Clean kitchen sinks and counters Sweep entryways Spot clean carpets of small spills, footprints, etc. Keep janitor closets clean and orderly Plumb toilets as needed Twice Weekly Service Dust all desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinets and other office furniture Vacuum all carpeting completely Monthly Service Vacuum dust and dirt accumulation from air-conditioning vents Brush down cobwebs inside building Dust blinds Dust high areas Dust top of desk cabinets, files, chair rungs, baseboards, and picture frames (Hi-Lo) Vacuum upholstered furniture Clean hand marks from walls, doors, and woodwork Clean lobby directories and fire extinguisher glass Buff Floors Quarterly Wash outside windows Change HVAC filters TWICE a YEAR Wash inside windows and partitions Annually Clean blinds Clean carpets The above are considered the minimum standard janitorial items. Landlord is responsible for providing all services to the health and cleanliness of the leased facility.
Days per Week. 1. Empty and damp clean all ashcans.
Days per Week. All full-time faculty shall be available at District facilities for requirements of their assignments five days per week, Monday through Friday, except in cases of holidays, approved leaves, or telecommuting. Usual assignments for full-time employees shall be five days per week, Monday through Friday, to fulfill requirements at District facilities. Exceptions may be made in cases of (1) registration needs, (2) mutual consent between an employee and the District, (3) documented needs to assign an employee Saturday and/or Sunday work in order to complete guaranteed workload, or (4) the assignment of on-line faculty responsibilities.
Days per Week. In order to facilitate the level of support Farmland desires for the Refinery under this Agreement, Banks shall operate and provide the services set forth herein a minimum of five Days per week and a maximum of seven (7) Days per week. However, it is anticipated a six (6) day per week operation will be required. The number of Days per week is to be determined by that level of support Farmland requires to maintain the operation of the Refinery and Fertilizer Complex at the capacities determined by Farmland in its sole discretion.
Days per Week. Rostered hours shall be worked on not more than 5 days in each week, provided that rostered hours may be worked on 6 days in one week if in the following week rostered hours are worked on not more than 4 days.
Days per Week. Monday through Friday. [ Total daily time not to exceed 10 hours between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.]
Days per Week. All Team Members