Contractors and Subcontractors Sample Clauses

Contractors and Subcontractors. Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988
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Contractors and Subcontractors. Contractor will act as prime contractor under the Contract and will not act as a subcontractor under any other con- tract awarded to another contractor as a result of this solicitation. A subcontractor under this Contract may also be a subcontractor for another contract resulting from this solicitation.
Contractors and Subcontractors. Each Information Party shall ensure that only approved contractors and subcontractors (including any subsidiary, parent, affiliate or partner) who have a need to know Subscriber Information (as defined in Section 10(a) below) may access it, and who are subject to appropriate confidentiality obligations. Each Information Party shall enforce obligations of such individuals with regard to Subscriber Information as such Information Party with the same effort it uses to enforce obligations of such individuals for its own information.
Contractors and Subcontractors. INSURANCE: The Contractor shall not commence work under this Contract until it has obtained the insurance required under this paragraph and satisfactory proof of such insurance has been submitted to District and said insurance has been approved by the District. Commercial General Liability Insurance (including automobile insurance) which provides limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence (combined single limit) and $2,000,000 Project Specific Aggregate (for this Project only). Any general liability policy provided by Contractor hereunder shall contain an endorsement which applies its coverage to District, members of District’s Board of Trustees, and the officers, agents, employees and volunteers of District, the State Allocation Board, if applicable, the architect, and the architect’s consultants, if applicable, individually and collectively as additional insured. The limits set forth above shall not be construed to relieve the Contractor from liability in excess of such coverage, nor shall it limit contractor’s indemnification obligations to District, and shall not preclude the District from taking such other actions available to District under other provisions of the contract documents or law. Contractor and any subcontractor shall not commence work nor shall Contractor allow any subcontractor to commence work under this contract until all required insurance certificates have been delivered to and approved by District. Except for worker’s compensation insurance, the policy shall not be amended or modified and the coverage amounts shall not be reduced without the District’s prior written consent, and, the District shall be named as an additional insured and be furnished thirty
Contractors and Subcontractors. The Commission may enter into a contract with a third-party contractor for the provision of services related to the PACE Program. Such contractor shall be a nonstock corporation organized under Ch. 181 of the Wisconsin Statutes with its principal place of business located in the State of Wisconsin. The participant fee schedule established by the Board (as defined below) shall make provision for reasonable compensation and payment of the expenses of such contractor as may be set forth in the contract. A contractor may subcontract for any of its services to the extent permitted by the contract. The Board is also authorized to hire counsel or other consultants or advisers as it deems necessary in carrying out his functions.
Contractors and Subcontractors. Bank Purchasing Agent shall ensure that only approved contractors and subcontractors (including any subsidiary, parent, affiliate or partner) who have a need to know of the T-Mobile Information may access such information, and only if Bank Purchasing Agent requires such contractors and subcontractors to comply with obligations with respect to T-Mobile Information. Bank Purchasing Agent must use at least the same effort, but in no event less than a reasonable amount of effort, to enforce obligations of such individuals with regard to T-Mobile Information as Bank Purchasing Agent uses for its own similar confidential information.
Contractors and Subcontractors. Lessee shall contractually require all its contractors, and all its contractors to require its subcontractors, to carry insurance naming the City and the Trustee as an additional insured; however, contractual liability shall be limited to the extent of such contractor's or subcontractor's indemnification obligations under the applicable contract. Such insurance shall meet all of the above requirements as Lessee can successfully require such contractors or subcontractors to meet, except amount. The amount shall be commensurate with the amount of the contract. Lessee shall provide copies of such insurance certificates to the Director.
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Contractors and Subcontractors performing work under this contract shall post the prevailing wage rates for each craft or trade and classification involved as determined by the commissioner, including the effective date of any changes thereof, in prominent and easily accessible places at the site of the work or at such place or places as are used then to pay the employees of the Contractor and Subcontractor their wages.
Contractors and Subcontractors. Landlord will select the general contractor to construct Landlord's Work (the "Contractor"), and Landlord will promptly enter into a contract with the Contractor on Landlord's standard form of construction contract for the construction of Landlord's Work. Landlord shall have the right to select architects, engineers, subcontractors, and other professionals, as it deems necessary or desirable.
Contractors and Subcontractors. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent Company or Customer from utilizing the services of any third party contractor or subcontractor as it deems appropriate to perform its obligations under this Agreement; provided, however, that Company and Customer shall require a third party contractor and subcontractor to comply with all applicable terms and conditions of this Agreement in providing such services and each Party shall remain primarily liable to the other Party for the performance of such third party contractor and subcontractor.
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