Prime Contractor definition

Prime Contractor as used in this clause, means a person who has entered into a prime contract with the United States.
Prime Contractor means, in relation to a multiple-employer workplace,
Prime Contractor means a person who is a city- based business and the primary contractor on a contract. A “Prime Contractor” does not include any subcontractors.

Examples of Prime Contractor in a sentence

  • This contract provision shall be incorporated into the contracts between the General Prime Contractor, MEP Subcontractors, and Non-MEP Subcontractors.

  • The Prime Contractor is responsible for the submission of copies of payrolls by all subcontractors.

  • When additional opportunity is available by contract modifications, the Prime Contractor shall utilize DBE Subcontractors, that were committed to equal work items, in the original contract.

  • In either case, the Prime Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer when the monies are withheld.

  • Contractors agree to accept payment through the use of the Commonwealth Purchasing Card.V.8 CONTRACT-006.1 Independent Prime Contractor (Oct 2006) In performing its obligations under the Contract, the Contractor will act as an independent contractor and not as an employee or agent of the Commonwealth.

More Definitions of Prime Contractor

Prime Contractor. – means any person (natural or juristic) who forwards an acceptable proposal in response to this RFB with the intention of being the main contractor should the proposal be awarded to him/her.
Prime Contractor means a contractor who:
Prime Contractor means bidders or contractors who are submitting proposals on this project, regardless of the size of the project.
Prime Contractor means any person holding a contract in excess of $10,000, and, for the purposes of subpart D of this part, ‘‘General Enforcement and Complaint Procedures,’’ includes any person who has held a contract subject to the act.
Prime Contractor means the New Mexico licensed contractor selected.
Prime Contractor means a person, firm, or corporation that makes a public work contract with a governmental entity.