Access to Records Sample Clauses

Access to Records. The Bank shall allow the Customer’s independent public accountants, officers and advisers reasonable access to the records of the Bank relating to the Assets as is required in connection with their examination of books and records pertaining to the Customer’s affairs. Subject to restrictions under applicable law, the Bank shall also obtain an undertaking to permit the Customer’s independent public accountants reasonable access to the records of any Subcustodian which has physical possession of any Assets as may be required in connection with the examination of the Customer’s books and records.
Access to Records. The Custodian shall, subject only to the Custodian’s security requirements applicable to its own employees having access to similar records held by the Custodian, which requirements shall be consistent with the practices of a commercial bank acting in the capacity of custodian with respect to similar files or records, and at such times as may be reasonably imposed by the Custodian, permit only the Noteholders and the Trust Collateral Agent or their duly authorized representatives, attorneys or auditors to inspect, at the Servicer’s expense, the Receivable Files and the related accounts, records, and computer systems maintained by the Custodian pursuant hereto at such times as the Noteholders or the Trust Collateral Agent may reasonably request.
Access to Records. The Contractor and its subcontractors, if any, shall maintain all books, documents, papers, accounting records, and other evidence pertaining to all costs incurred under this Contract. They shall make such materials available at their respective offices at all reasonable times during this Contract, and for three (3) years from the date of final payment under this Contract, for inspection by the State or its authorized designees. Copies shall be furnished at no cost to the State if requested.
Access to Records. The Subrecipient shall furnish and cause each of its own subrecipients or subcontractors to furnish all information and reports required hereunder and will permit access to its books, records and accounts by the Grantee, HUD or its agent, or other authorized Federal officials for purposes of investigation to ascertain compliance with the rules, regulations and provisions stated herein.
Access to Records. The CONSULTANT and any SUB-CONSULTANTS shall maintain all books, documents, papers, correspondence, accounting records and other evidence pertaining to the cost incurred under this Contract, and shall make such materials available at their respective offices at all reasonable times during the period of this Contract and for five (5) years from the date of final payment under the terms of this Contract, for inspection or audit by the LPA, INDOT and/or the Federal Highway Administration (“FHWA”) or its authorized representative, and copies thereof shall be furnished free of charge, if requested by the LPA, INDOT, and/or FHWA. The CONSULTANT agrees that, upon request by any agency participating in federally-assisted programs with whom the CONSULTANT has contracted or seeks to contract, the CONSULTANT may release or make available to the agency any working papers from an audit performed by the LPA, INDOT and/or FHWA of the CONSULTANT and its SUB-CONSULTANTS in connection with this Contract, including any books, documents, papers, accounting records and other documentation which support or form the basis for the audit conclusions and judgments.
Access to Records. A. The Reinsurer or its duly authorized representatives shall have the right to visit the offices of the Company to inspect, examine, audit, and verify any of the policy, accounting or claim files (“Records”) relating to business reinsured under this Contract during regular business hours after giving five working daysprior notice. This right shall be exercisable during the term of this Contract or after the expiration of this Contract. Notwithstanding the above, the Reinsurer shall not have any right of access to the Records of the Company if it is not current in all undisputed payments due the Company.
Access to Records. The books and records maintained by the Custodian pursuant to Sections 5A and 5B shall at all times during the Custodian's regular business hours be open to inspection and audit by officers of, attorneys for and auditors employed by the Fund and by employees and agents of the Securities and Exchange Commission, provided that all such individuals shall observe all security requirements of the Custodian applicable to its own employees having access to similar records within the Custodian and such regulations as may be reasonably imposed by the Custodian.
Access to Records. Add the following language to the end of Section 14(c): Upon reasonable request from the Customer, the Bank shall furnish the Customer such reports (or portions thereof) of the Bank's system of internal accounting controls applicable to the Bank's duties under this Agreement. The Bank shall endeavor to obtain and furnish the Customer with such similar reports as it may reasonably request with respect to each Subcustodian and securities depository holding the Customer's assets. GLOBAL CUSTODY AGREEMENT WITH _______________________ DATE _______________________ SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS RIDER January, 1994 Schedule B SUB-CUSTODIANS EMPLOYED BY THE CHASE MANHATTAN BANK, N.A. LONDON, GLOBAL CUSTODY COUNTRY SUB-CUSTODIAN CORRESPONDENT BANK
Access to Records. In addition to its obligations under Section 6.4, the Assuming Institution shall provide representatives of the Receiver access at reasonable times and locations without other limitation or qualification to (i) its directors, officers, employees and agents and those of the Acquired Subsidiaries, and (ii) its books and Records, the books and Records of such Acquired Subsidiaries and all Credit Files, and copies thereof. Copies of books, Records and Credit Files shall be provided by the Assuming Institution as requested by the Receiver and the costs of duplication thereof shall be borne by the Receiver.