Principal place of business definition

Principal place of business means the head office or registered office of the organisation within which the principal financial functions and operational control of the activities referred to in this Regulation are exercised;
Principal place of business means the place of business specified as the principal place of business in the certificate of registration;

Examples of Principal place of business in a sentence

  • Principal place of business means the business location where the individuals who manage the firm’s day‐to‐day operations spend most working hours and where top management’s business records are kept.

  • Principal place of business means, in reference to Edison Township, the location of the main place of business of the taxicab service in Edison Township where taxicab service is conducted, where taxicabs are dispatched, or where taxicab drivers report for duty.

  • Attach additional pages as necessary.1. Individual Bidders 1.1Constitution or legal status of Bidder[attach copy]Place of registration: Principal place of business: Power of attorney of signatory of Bid[attach] 1.2Total annual volume of civil engineering design, drawing,consultancy work(Rs. In lakhs)executed and payments received in the last five yearsprecedingthe year in which bids are invited.

  • Principal place of business must have been established no less than six months preceding application for certification.The PREFERENCE FACTOR for resident and local preferences applied to bids shall be .95 for resident and .90 for local.

More Definitions of Principal place of business

Principal place of business means a physical structure, office, or suite, but does not include a post office box, a temporary job site, or project location. Further, “Principal Place of Business means that if a vendor is a corporation their corporate office must meet the criteria established above.
Principal place of business means with respect to determining the Home State of the insured, the state where the insured maintains its headquarters and where the insured’s high-level officers direct, control and coordinate the business activities of the insured.
Principal place of business means an office in which the agent regularly provides securities or investment advisory services and solicits, meets with, or otherwise communicates with clients.
Principal place of business means a site or location in this state:
Principal place of business means in the case of an employer having headquartersactivities at a place of business within a taxing municipality, the place of business at which the headquarters is situated. In the case of any employer not having its headquarters’ activities at a place of business within a taxing municipality, the term means the largest place of business located in a taxing municipality.