PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. II.1.1 The Contractor shall perform the Contract to the highest professional standards. The Contractor shall have sole responsibility for complying with any legal obligations incumbent on him, notably those resulting from employment, tax and social legislation.
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PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. 1. The expert works independently, in a personal capacity and not on behalf of any organisation.
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. 1. The expert must perform the Contract in compliance with its provisions and all legal obligations under applicable EU, international and national law. The expert must do so fully, within the set deadlines and to the highest professional standards. The expert must, in particular, ensure compliance with: - the Code of Conduct (Annex 1); and - applicable national tax and social security law. The terms and conditions of this Contract do not constitute an employment agreement with the contracting party.
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. In addition to Article 4 of the GPC, it is specified that:
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. Clause 18 Termination In the case of a material breach or repeated breach by either of the Parties of their obligations under the Contract, and without prejudice to the application of penalties available under the Contract for the said breach, the non-defaulting Party may unilaterally terminate the Contract after giving notice to remedy or cure the default(s) remaining without effect after a (30) thirty day period from the issuance of the said notice. The defaulting party shall be liable to the other party to compensate the damage suffered by the latter as a result of the termination. Such compensation shall in no event exceed the limits of liability fixed per event under Sub-clause 16.2.3 of Section A. Furthermore, it is expressly agreed that in the event that the Shipper fails to supply Gas in the amount of at least half of the quantity of Gas that would have been necessary to obtain a Daily Imbalance equal to the Authorised Negative Daily Imbalance for at least three (3) consecutive days, and provided such lack of Gas supply is not the result of an event of force majeure as stated in Clause 15 of Section A and GRTgaz has correctly put at the Shipper’s disposal the value of the Daily Quantities Taken Off and Delivered for the Days in question by the usual means of communication, GRTgaz may, after formal notice that remains without effect after a period of two (2) days, terminate the Contract without further notice or compensation. In the event of the Contract being terminated under Sub-clause 21.2 of Section A, the Contract shall be terminated in compliance with said Sub-clause without notice or compensation of any kind whatsoever becoming due to the Shipper. Clause 19 Confidentiality‌ Unless otherwise stated under the Contract or by express agreement of the Parties or under the terms of legal or regulatory provisions, each Party undertakes to treat as confidential with regard to third parties any information related to the preparation and/or performance of the Contract. Each Party is entitled to provide the Daily and Hourly Delivery Capacity and the Daily Transmission Capacity on the Regional Network at a Consumer Delivery Point to the Recipient concerned, without the other Party being able to oppose the transmission thereof. GRTgaz is authorised to forward, as the case may be, the following information to the Clearing Party defined in the Gas Exchange Trading Participation Agreement: • the inception and any amendment to the Gas Exchange Trading Partici...
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. 1. The parties may agree to annex more detailed arrangements for the service provision to the order forms or specific contracts issued in the context of this contract, provided that they do not contradict the provisions of this contract, its annexes or any other document describing in detail the arrangements for performance of this contract.
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. Whenever the contracting authority wishes products to be supplied, it shall send an order form to the contractor, in duplicate, specifying the terms of supply of the products, such as quantity, designation, quality, price, place of delivery and time allowed for delivery, in accordance with the conditions laid down in the FWC. Within the period indicated in Article I.4, the contractor shall return one original of the order form, duly signed and dated, thereby acknowledging receipt of the order form and acceptance of the terms.
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT duly and punctually observe and perform all the conditions and obligations imposed on it by the relevant Contract;
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. II.1.1. General provisions on performance of the Contract
PERFORMANCE OF THE CONTRACT. (1) when the lender transfers the loan to the borrower’s account, it shall be deemed that the lender has fulfilled its obligation to issue the loan. (2) When the lender recovers the principal and interest of the due loan or recovers the principal and interest of the loan in advance according to the contract, it can directly stop the payment from the borrower’s account and deduct the corresponding amount to repay the principal and interest of the loan and expenses.