Responded to definition

Responded to means that Council’s contractor has been informed, inspected the issue and taken the necessary steps to resolve the problem.
Responded to means that a complaint was addressed by the PCU or the PHIUs, and the beneficiary was informed of the solution. For example, if an eligible person goes to a health facility and did not succeed in being enrolled in the Sumar Program, and if he/she registers a complaint using the hotline, the PCU contacts the province to find out the reasons why the health facility is not enrolling eligible people in the Program. Possible solutions are identified, e.g. to address the factors hampering enrollment or providing an alternative mechanism to be enrolled. Then, the PCU (through the 0800 hotline) contacts the person and communicates all this him/her. Another example is when it is reported (via the hotline) that a health provider charged for a service covered by the program. In this case, the PCU contacts the province to open an investigation. The PCU also contacts the beneficiary to let him/her know about the actions taken and offers an alternative solution to receive the health service.
Responded to means that responder arrives at site within 2 hours.

Examples of Responded to in a sentence

  • Responded to one (1) trauma cases and three (3) medical cases and transferred to end- referral hospital.

  • Questions Posed by Speakers May, or May Not be Responded to by Council Members.

  • Responded to six (6) medical cases and transferred to end-referral hospitals.

  • Responded to a total of four (4) trauma case and 2 (two) medical case gg.

  • Critical aspects of Competency Assessment requires evidence that the candidate:1.1 Dealt with a range of communication/information at one time1.2 Demonstrated leadership skills in workplace communication1.3 Made constructive contributions in workplace issues1.4 Sought workplace issues effectively1.5 Responded to workplace issues promptly1.6 Presented information clearly and effectively written form1.7 Used appropriate sources of information1.8 Asked appropriate questions1.9 Provided accurate information2.

  • Responded to by DSHS within one hundred twenty days after they receive it from the state facility.

  • Responded to six (6) medical cases and transferred to end-referral hospitals.c. Conducted disinfection of response vehicles on standby at the isolation facility.d. Deployed personnel in the COVID-19 Quarantine Facility established at the New Clark City.

  • For an excellent account, see John Pomfret, “Outbreak Gave China’s Hu An Opening; President Responded to Pressure Inside and Outside Country on SARS,” Washington Post, May 13, 2003, p.

  • Responded to regular questions from the public on a wide variety of issues.

  • Federal Agency Requests must be Reviewed, Monitored, and Responded to Within a Prescribed Review Period (generally within 30 days).

More Definitions of Responded to

Responded to means physical and human resources being activated, deployed and mobilised to respond to a specific medium to high risk incident. The total number of peaceful and crowd unrest incidents for 2014/15 was amended after a data purification process in 2016/17. The revised actual performance for 2014/15 was thus tabled in the department’s 2017/18 annual performance plan.
Responded to means an initial assessment by the Animal Control
Responded to means attendance at the scene of the complaint within 60 minutes of the complaint being received afterhours. During daytime calls are often responded to initially with a phone call request to reduce.

Related to Responded to

  • Responder means a vendor who responds to a Solicitation.

  • Respond or “Response” means any action taken pursuant to Environmental Laws to correct, remove, remediate, cleanup, prevent, mitigate, monitor, evaluate, investigate or assess the Release of a Hazardous Substance.

  • Written Notice means a notice or communication in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly served if delivered in persons to the individual or to a member of the contractors firm or to an office of the company for whom it is intended, or if delivered at or sent by registered mail to the last business address known to him who gives the notice.

  • Notice in writing or written notice means a notice in writing, typed or printed matters sent (unless delivered personally or otherwise proved to have been received) by registered post to the last known private or business address or registered office of the addressee and shall be deemed to have been received in the ordinary course of post, it would have been delivered.

  • Rejection Notice has the meaning specified in Section 2.05(b)(v).

  • Redirection Notice shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 14(c).

  • Notice in Writing or written notice shall mean a notice in writing, type or printed characters sent (unless delivered personally or otherwise provided to have been received) by registered post to the last known private or business address or registered office of the addressee and shall be deemed to have been received when in the ordinary course of post it would have been delivered.

  • Responsible Respondent means a Respondent that has the capability in all material respects to perform the scope of work and specifications of the Contract. In determining whether a Respondent is a Responsible Respondent, the Agency may consider various factors including, but not limited to, the Respondent’s competence and qualifications to provide the goods or services requested, the Respondent’s integrity and reliability, the past performance of the Respondent and the best interest of the Agency and the State.

  • Selection Notice means a notice substantially in the form set out in Part II of Schedule 3 (Requests) given in accordance with Clause 9 (Interest Periods).

  • Xxxxx Notice means the Notice of Grant of Stock Option accompanying the Agreement, pursuant to which Optionee has been informed of the basic terms of the option evidenced hereby.

  • Respondent means an individual who has been reported to be the perpetrator of conduct that could constitute sexual harassment.

  • Rectification Notice means a notice in writing that identifies a defect in a work and requires rectification of the defect within a specified period of time.

  • Response means the material submitted by the respondent in answering the solicitation.

  • Notice of Dissatisfaction means the notice given by either Party to the other indicating its dissatisfaction and intention to commence arbitration.

  • Response Notice is defined in Section 14.3(b)(ii).

  • Notified Party has the meaning specified in Section 13.2.

  • Written Notification means an electronic document (including faxes, emails, internal mail on the client terminal etc.) or an announcement on the Company's website.

  • complaining Party means any Party that requests the establishment of an arbitration panel under Article 3.28 (Initiation of Arbitration Procedure);

  • Deficiency Notice has the meaning specified in Section 6.1(a);

  • Mediation Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 7.06(c).

  • Prospective state contractor means a person, business entity or nonprofit organization that (i) submits a response to a state contract solicitation by the state, a state agency or a quasi-public agency, or a proposal in response to a request for proposals by the state, a state agency or a quasi-public agency, until the contract has been entered into, or (ii) holds a valid prequalification certificate issued by the Commissioner of Administrative Services under section 4a-100. "Prospective state contractor" does not include a municipality or any other political subdivision of the state, including any entities or associations duly created by the municipality or political subdivision exclusively amongst themselves to further any purpose authorized by statute or charter, or an employee in the executive or legislative branch of state government or a quasi-public agency, whether in the classified or unclassified service and full or part-time, and only in such person's capacity as a state or quasi-public agency employee.

  • Respondents means [insert name(s) of Respondents] [insert if applicable: those Parties identified in Appendix __].

  • Discovery means the finding, during Petroleum Operations, of a deposit of Petroleum not previously known to have existed, which can be recovered at the surface in a flow measurable by conventional petroleum industry testing methods.

  • Requesting Party means the Party to this Agreement submitting a request for or having received information from the requested Party;

  • Notice of Completion means a document issued by the Department or Delegated Agency at the end of project construction when all items and conditions of the approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan have been satisfied, post construction verification documents demonstrate that the stormwater management systems have been constructed in accordance with the approved Sediment and Stormwater Management Plan, and final stabilization of disturbed areas on the site has been achieved.

  • Response activity means evaluation, interim response activity, remedial action, demolition, providing an alternative water supply, or the taking of other actions necessary to protect the public health, safety, or welfare, or the environment or the natural resources. Response activity also includes health assessments or health effect studies carried out under the supervision, or with the approval of, the department of community health and enforcement actions related to any response activity.