Contact person Sample Clauses

Contact person. Tenant’s contact person in the Premises is: Attention: Telephone: Telecopy:
Contact person. If you have questions or concerns please contact your school administration. Receiving the Device: Parents and students must sign and return this agreement before a device can be issued. Students must also complete the digital citizenship curriculum that the school requires. Returning the Device: Devices will be returned to the school at the end of the school year, unless otherwise communicated by the school. The use of devices provided by Xxxxxx County Schools is not transferable to anyone and terminates when a student is no longer enrolled at the issuing school. Students who transfer, withdraw, are expelled, or terminate enrollment at the school for any reason must return their device on the date of withdrawal/termination. A student who fails to return the device will be subject to paying up to the full replacement cost of the device and any accessories, and may also have grade cards, transcripts, diplomas or certificates of progress withheld until restitution is made.
Contact person person who provides a link for administrative information and who, depending on the structure of the higher education institution, may be the departmental coordinator or works at the international relations office or equivalent body within the institution. 6 Responsible person at the Sending Institution: an academic who has the authority to approve the Learning Agreement, to exceptionally amend it when it is needed, as well as to guarantee full recognition of such programme on behalf of the responsible academic body. The name and email of the Responsible person must be filled in only in case it differs from that of the Contact person mentioned at the top of the document.
Contact person. Tenant’s contact person in the Premises is: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Attention:____________________________ Telephone:___________________________ Facsimile:____________________________ Email:_______________________________
Contact person. Each of the Parties shall appoint one or more individuals who shall serve as the Contact Person for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Agreement. Each such Contact person shall be authorized to act on behalf of their respective Party or Parties as to the matter pertaining to this Agreement. Effective upon the execution of this Agreement the initial Contact Persons shall be those individuals set forth in Annex A. Each Party shall notify all other appropriate Parties, in writing, as to the name, address and telephone number of any replacement for any such designated Contact Person.
Contact person. The person who shall be primarily responsible for carrying out the duties of the parties hereunder. Vantage and the Company shall each appoint a Contact Person to be responsible for their respective duties. In the event that one Party gives notice to the other Party in writing, that in their reasonable opinion, the other Party's Contact Person is not able to fulfill their duties and responsibilities hereunder, both Parties shall mutually agree upon a replacement Contact Person within ten (10) days of said notice.
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Contact person. Each party will appoint a contact person (each, a “Contact Person”) to facilitate communications and performance under this Agreement. The initial Contact Person of each Party is set forth on Appendix #4 (Contact Persons). Each Party will have the right at any time and from time to time to replace its Contact Person by written notice to the other Party.
Contact person. 12.1 The Services to be performed or Goods to be delivered by the Service Provider in terms of this SCM STC’s will be supervised by the Post Office’s Contact Person.
Contact person. The contact person for Contractor, and applicable address and phone number therefore, for all purposes under this Agreement, are as follows: Name: Address: Phone Number: Email: _
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