Performance Report definition

Performance Report has the meaning set out in clause 8.2;
Performance Report means a report in relation to the Flexibility Services provided by a DER, or groups of DER responding to Utilisation Instructions and Discretionary Utilisation Requests in accordance with Schedule 5;
Performance Report means the report as set out in the form of the template in Schedule 3 of the Service Agreement (Part C) – Specifications;

Examples of Performance Report in a sentence

  • Current OR employees with an Overall Summary Rating of Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory on their most recent Employee Performance Report (EPR) are not eligible to apply.

  • Performance Report aims to stimulate debate around public funding and outcomes - Donohoe The Public Service Performance Report, the third of its kind, aims to strengthen focus on what is being delivered with public funds.

  • In addition, Subrecipient will provide a progress Grantee Performance Report (“GPR Information Form”) for the time period covered, as prescribed by County.

  • If Grantee is not required to report performance quarterly, then Grantee must submit a Performance Report at least annually.

  • The last quarterly progress report will serve as the grant’s Final Performance Report.

More Definitions of Performance Report

Performance Report means a report in relation to each Active Facility in a Flexible Unit, based on minute-by-minute meter readings, providing details of the availability and delivery of Flexibility Services prepared by the Provider in a form satisfactory to the Company and submitted in accordance with Sub-Clause 6.2;
Performance Report means a report substantially in the form of Exhibit A, as such exhibit may be amended from time to time with the mutual agreement of the Parties.
Performance Report means an annual year-end cost settlement based on billing activity;
Performance Report means either a quarterly monitoring report or a supplementary monitoring report;
Performance Report means a report to be filed by the Company in accordance with Section 5. The “Final Performance Report” is to be filed within 90 days after the Performance Date. As noted in Section 5, the Locality, the Authority and VEDP may each request a Performance Report at other dates prior to the Performance Date.
Performance Report means a report that summarizes ferry
Performance Report. Means the periodic evaluation of an employee's work reflected on forms prescribed by the District.