Contract Manager definition

Contract Manager means the DNR staff person who processes this contract, makes payments, provides and facilitates dispute resolution, provides technical advice to the Compliance Forester, and is the first point of contact for questions relating to this contract or interpretation of Work. The Contract Manager may perform the duties of the Compliance Forester.
Contract Manager means the person for the time being appointed by HSE as being authorised to administer the Contract on behalf of HSE or such person as may be nominated by the Contract Manager to act on its behalf.

Examples of Contract Manager in a sentence

  • No substitute personnel are authorized to begin work until the contractor has received written approval to proceed from the State Contract Manager.

  • All invoices must be approved by the State Contract Manager before payment will be authorized.

  • Whenever an unforeseen change in applicable law or regulation affects the services that are the subject of this contract, the contractor shall advise the State Contract Manager and the Director in writing and include in such written transmittal any estimated increase or decrease in the cost of its performance of the services as a result of such change in law or regulation.

  • In the event of additional work and/or special projects, the contractor must present a written proposal to perform the additional work to the State Contract Manager.

  • If the State Contract Manager approves the request, the State Contract Manager will forward the request to the Director for final approval.

More Definitions of Contract Manager

Contract Manager means a person designated as such by the Contractor from time to time as notified in writing to the Authority to act as the duly authorised representative of the Contractor for all purposes connected with the Contract, including any authorised representative of such person;
Contract Manager means for the Authority and for the Supplier the individuals specified in the Key Provisions or such other person notified by a Party to the other Party from time to time in accordance with Clause 8.1 of Schedule 2;
Contract Manager means a person nominated by us from time to time inaccordance with Clause 2 to liaise with you about this Contract;
Contract Manager means the official of the Authority, or other person employed in that capacity, appointed by the Authority to act on its behalf for the purpose of managing the Contract;