Senior Employee definition

Senior Employee means a person who, at any time during the last twelve months of Executive’s period of employment hereunder:
Senior Employee means an employee nominated by management;
Senior Employee means the Direc- tor and the Deputy Director of the Na- tional Institutes of Health; members of the senior staff within the Office of the Director who report directly to the NIH Director; the Directors, the Dep- uty Directors, Scientific Directors, and Clinical Directors of each Institute and Center within NIH; Extramural Pro- gram Officials who report directly to an Institute or Center Director; and any employee of equivalent levels of decision-making responsibility who is designated as a senior employee by the designated agency ethics official or the NIH Director, in consultation with the designated agency ethics official.

Examples of Senior Employee in a sentence

Any relief to the Senior Employee will be restricted to paragraph 1 of this Letter of Understanding.

This Policy will be circulated to every Member, Trustee/Director, Governor and Senior Employee by sending an email to the link on the Trust’s website on an annual basis and when each new Member, Trustee/Director, Governor and Senior Employee joins the Trust.

Where a reorganisation affects the structure/numbers of Senior Employee posts, posts in the new structure will be filled in line with the enabling process agreed at the time.

In the case of dismissals, the Senior Staffing Sub-Committee will hear the case against the Senior Employee concerned and the hearing will be conducted in accordance with the Council’s Disciplinary Procedure.

The Payment will not occur where the Senior Employee has a workload in the academic year in which these circumstances occur that is not less than their average workload over the previous three-year period or in the previous academic year (excluding any extended medical leave), whichever is higher.

More Definitions of Senior Employee

Senior Employee means any Employee who holds a leadership or managerial position at the Company and has a title with the Company of, or responsibilities equivalent to, that of either (i) a director or (ii) a position senior to director.
Senior Employee means an employee whose salary is £150,000 or more per year, or an employee whose salary is £50,000 or more per year (to be calculated pro rata for an employee employed for fewer than the usual full time hours for the relevant body concerned) who falls within at least one of the following categories
Senior Employee means a person having supervisory responsibility for at least ten (10) employees, and “allegation” shall mean a complaint or charge filed with any government entity authorized to investigate claims of sexual harassment or a complaint filed in any court alleging sexual harassment.
Senior Employee with respect to the Loan Parties collectively, any of the 25 most highly compensated employees (including the SEOs).
Senior Employee means any Employee employed or engaged in relation to the Group on an annual salary (on the basis of full-time employment) in excess of €100,000 or local equivalent;
Senior Employee means a member of staff of the combined authority deployed wholly or partly in relation to the mayor’s PCC functions and whose salary exceeds £50,000;” and;
Senior Employee means any shop assistant or clerk, 21 years of age or over: