AND BENEFITS Sample Clauses

AND BENEFITS. Volunteer Status: MTCC members are considered volunteers and are not employees of the Host Sites, Program Administrating Agency, Fiscal Agent, or federal government. Hours served and living allowance earned with the Program are specifically excluded from credit for unemployment compensation. Living Allowance: The living allowance is designed to help the MTCC member meet necessary living expenses incurred while participating in the Program. The living allowance is not considered to be, or tied to, an hourly wage and should not fluctuate based on the hours served in a given time period. MTCC members may not fundraise for their living allowance. Bi-Weekly Pay: The MTCC member will receive a bi-weekly living allowance based upon the pay schedule of the University of Montana. Member can sign up for direct deposit through the required form, included in the HR paperwork. If direct deposit is not selected, the allowance check will be mailed out to the mailing address within the hiring paperwork.
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AND BENEFITS. The percentage for the applicable apprenticeship year shall be as established in the local appendices. The percentage will apply to the Journeyman’s hourly rate and Pension contribution rate only. All additional contributions and deductions shall be per the local schedules. The above shall be implemented in each zone/local area effective January 1, 1996, with the exception of the Windsor (Zone 4) area.
AND BENEFITS. Full time employees will be covered by the following benefits paid one hundred percent (1 00%) by the Employer:
AND BENEFITS. The provisions of this Agreement shall in no way affect any other benefits, which employees are entitled to and are enjoying and which are not covered by this Agreement.
AND BENEFITS. Notwithstanding Articles and if laws or regulations should have an effect on one of the Plans, the Company shall adjust the Plan according to the law or regulation. However, such adjustments shall not reduce the overall level of the benefits. A copy of the benefits booklets shall be given to each employee.
AND BENEFITS. The Employershallcontinueto maintain and administer its existing pension plan for eligibleBargaining Unit employees, for the period of this Agreement. The Employer will maintain current levels of employee benefit coverage through a policy or policies of insurance to cover eligible employees for the period of this Agreement. The Employer will maintain a policy or policies of insurance or plans providingthe ,followingtypes of benefits, subject to conditions and limitations:
AND BENEFITS. Seniority accrual and credit for service for each job-sharer shall be based on hours worked and service respectively for the period of such Job Sharing Arrangement (e.g., hours per year). Short Term Sickness and other Benefits shall receive pro-rated benefits in accordance with the Collective Agreement based on the normal hours of work as set out on the attached schedule. The balance of the premiums costs will be the employee's responsibility. Each employee shall continue to participate in the pension plan. Vacation and Vacation Credits For the purposes of Article of the Collective Agreement, vacation credits and vacation entitlement will be pro-rated. The hourly wage rates in Schedule A of the Collective Agreement shall apply according to the normal hours of work for each job sharer. Each job-sharer shall be paid a pro-rated portion of each of the designated holidays in the Collective Agreement based on the normal hours of work as set out in the schedule. At no shall the total cost of salary and benefits to the Hospital, as a result of the Job Sharing Agreement, exceed that of a employee.
AND BENEFITS. Full time employees will be covered by the following benefits paid one hundred percent (100%) by the Employer: Life insurance times salary to the nearest $1,000; times salary to the nearest
AND BENEFITS. Aligned with the principles identified by the Board of Education and with approval from the Board of Education, compensation and benefits will be adjusted as follows:
AND BENEFITS. The Employer shall provide an insurance and hospi- talization plan, as agreed upon, for its employees and of the benefits will be issued in a separate booklet. The Pension Agreement will also be issued separately. An employee shall not receive wages or other allow- ances such as holiday pay, vacation pay, weekly indemnity, Worker’s Compensation, or other similar benefits from more than one source for the same day or part day. SECTION PAY DAY A regular weekly pay day shall be continued as estab- lished by the Employer (this pay day shall not be Saturday) and employees shall receive their pay before leaving the plant.