Pension Plan Sample Clauses

Pension Plan shall refer to each Company Employee Plan which is an "employee pension benefit plan", within the meaning of Section 3(2) of ERISA.
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Pension Plan. Neither the Company nor any Affiliate has ever maintained, established, sponsored, participated in, or contributed to, any Pension Plan which is subject to Title IV of ERISA or Section 412 of the Code.
Pension Plan. Borrower shall not, nor shall it permit any other Loan Party to, enter into, maintain or make contributions to, or permit any Subsidiary to enter into, maintain or make contributions to, directly or indirectly, any plan that is subject to Title IV of ERISA, except for defined benefit pension plans of any Persons formed or acquired, directly or indirectly, by Borrower or any Subsidiary as permitted under this Agreement, or as may otherwise comply with the terms of Section 4.11.
Pension Plan. Pension Plan" means the Cinergy Corp. Non-Union Employees' Pension Plan or any successor to that plan.
Pension Plan a) Allow any fact, condition or event to occur or exist with respect to any employee pension or profit sharing plans established or maintained by it which might constitute grounds for termination of any such plan or for the court appointment of a trustee to administer any such plan, or (b) permit any such plan to be the subject of termination proceedings (whether voluntary or involuntary) from which termination proceedings there may result a liability of the Borrower to the PBGC which, in the opinion of the Bank, will have a materially adverse effect upon the operations, business, property, assets, financial condition or credit of the Borrower.
Pension Plan. A "pension plan" or "employee pension benefit plan," as defined in Section 3(2) of ERISA or successor provisions to such provision adopted by amendments to ERISA and including other provisions of ERISA; or of other law, and regulations adopted pursuant to ERISA or such other law, modifying, amending, interpreting, or otherwise affecting the application of such provision, either in general or as applied to the nature or circumstances of a particular Entity that is a party to, or is affected by, or is involved in, the Transaction and with respect to which Entity the use of the term in this Agreement, or in the particular provision in this Agreement, is relevant.
Pension Plan. Category 1 regular employees shall participate in the existing pension plan in accordance with the terms of the plan, and in any future plan that may be entered into by mutual agreement by the parties hereto.
Pension Plan. Pension Plan" shall mean any "employee pension benefit plan" as defined in Section 3(2) of ERISA (other than a Multiemployer Plan (A) which the Company, any Subsidiary or any ERISA Affiliate maintains, administers, contributes to or is required to contribute to, or, within the five years prior to the Closing Date, maintained, administered, contributed to or was required to contribute to, or under which the Company, any Subsidiary or any ERISA Affiliate may incur any liability and (B) which covers any employee or former employee of the Company, any Subsidiary or any ERISA Affiliate (with respect to their relationship with such entities).
Pension Plan. The terms of the Pension Plan form part of this Agreement. All employees must enroll in the Pension Plan in accordance with its terms and conditions.
Pension Plan. Pension Plan contributions shall be maintained at eighty-eight (88) cents per hour, not to exceed seven dollars and four cents ($7.04) per day or thirty-five dollars and twenty cents ($35.20) per week. The contributions shall be accompanied by a written statement showing the hours for each employee. In addition, the Employer agrees to pay interest on all such contributions which are not postmarked or deposited within thirty (30) days of the last day of the contribution period, at the rate of seven percent (7%) per annum from the last day of the period. Each contribution period shall comprise not less than four (4) nor more than five (5) weeks. Changes to the Pension Plan contributions shall be subject to negotiations between the parties, as part of the process for the renewal of the Agreement. The Employer and the Union agree to the original method of selection of Employer and Union Trustees to administer the plan. It is agreed that the terms of the plan and its administration shall be entirely the responsibility of these original Trustees or their valid replacements, provided that the plan is administered consistently with this Collective Agreement, subject to any applicable government law or regulation and with the intention of meeting all of the requirements for continued registration under the Income Tax Act of Canada. Subject to the foregoing, the Employer and the Union agree to be bound by the actions taken by the Employer and Union Trustees under the plan.