Health Benefits definition

Health Benefits means health maintenance organization, insured or self-funded medical, dental, vision, prescription drug and behavioral health benefits.
Health Benefits means hospital, medical-surgical, and sick care benefits and dental, vision, and hearing benefits for retirants, retirement allowance beneficiaries, and health insurance dependents provided pursuant to section 91.
Health Benefits means providing health care benefits for employees (or employees and their dependents) at employer cost or making an employer contribution toward the purchase of such health care benefits for employees, provided that the employer cost or contribution equals no less than $1.50 an hour for the average work week of such employee.

Examples of Health Benefits in a sentence

  • Health Benefits Plans shall not include the following benefits if they are provided under a separate policy, certificate or contract of insurance or are otherwise not an integral part of the plan: limited scope dental or vision benefits; benefits for long term care, nursing home care, home health care, community based care, or any combination thereof; and such other similar, limited benefits as are specified in federal regulations.

  • A health plan offered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

  • The Federal Employees Health Benefits Pro- gram, which is a health plan offered under 5 U.S.C. Chapter 89, Section 8901 et seq.

  • Statement that employee was counseled concerning Health Benefits and TSP and the election forms if necessary.

  • Suggested Citation:California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP).

More Definitions of Health Benefits

Health Benefits or "covered benefits" means coverage or benefits for the diagnosis,
Health Benefits means benefits, other than Supplemental Benefits, as hereinafter defined, paid or covered under health insurance plans, to cover the costs of healthcare for Employees and their families.
Health Benefits means coverage for all or a portion of the costs of medical, prescription drug,
Health Benefits means hospital, medical-surgical, and
Health Benefits means the payment of no less than one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25) per hour toward the cost of health and medical care insurance for employees and their dependents.
Health Benefits means the health, dental and/or vision benefits provided under a benefit plan maintained by the Company or a Subsidiary in which the Executive was participating immediately prior to his or her Termination Date.
Health Benefits means that at a minimum medical insurance is offered to employees and the employer shall offer to pay at least 50% of the cost of the premium at the time of employment and annually thereafter.