Salary and Benefits Sample Clauses

Salary and Benefits. Each party to this Agreement shall remain liable ------------------- for the salary and benefits paid to such party's own employees and shall be ultimately responsible for compliance with state and federal laws pertaining to employment taxes, workers' compensation, unemployment compensation and other employment-related statutes pertaining to the party's own employees.
Salary and Benefits. Executive shall (i) receive an annual base salary no less than the Executive's annual base salary in effect immediately prior to the date that the Business Combination occurs, including any salary which has been earned but deferred, and an annual bonus equal to at least the average of the two annual bonuses paid to Executive in the two years prior to the Business Combination, and (ii) be entitled to participate in all employee expense reimbursement, incentive, savings and retirement plans, practices, policies and programs (including any Company plan qualified under Section 401(a) of the Code) available to other peer executives of the Company and its Subsidiaries, but in no event shall the benefits provided to Executive under this item (ii) be less favorable, in the aggregate, than the most favorable of those plans, practices, policies or programs in effect immediately prior to the date that the Business Combination occurs.
Salary and Benefits. (a) Employee will be paid a salary at Employee’s current annualized rate of $400,000, payable in successive bi-weekly or other installments in accordance with the Company’s standard payroll practices for salaried employees. Employee’s rate of salary will be subject to such increases as may be determined from time to time by the Company’s Board of Directors. As used in this Agreement, the term
Salary and Benefits. (i) During the Employment Period, the Executive’s base salary shall be $184,000 per year (such annual salary, as it may be adjusted upward by the Board or a committee thereof in its discretion, being referred to as the “Base Salary”). The Base Salary shall be payable in regular installments in accordance with the Company’s general payroll practices, shall be subject to customary withholding and may be increased (but not decreased) at the discretion of the Board or a committee thereof.
Salary and Benefits. The Executive’s salary and benefits shall be determined by the Company and shall be specified in a separate agreement between the Executive and the Company’s designated subsidiary or affiliated entity. Unless otherwise provided in such separate agreement, the Executive’s salary and benefits are subject to annual review and adjustment by the Company.
Salary and Benefits. A. Any adjustment in salary made during the life of this Employment Contract shall be in the form of an amendment and shall become part of this Employment Contract, but it shall not be deemed that the Board and the Superintendent have entered into a new employment contract.
Salary and Benefits. As compensation and consideration for the performance by the Executive of his obligations under this Agreement, the Executive shall be entitled to the following (subject, in each case, to the provisions of Article V hereof):
Salary and Benefits. All Salary and Benefits shall cease at the time of such termination, subject to the requirements of applicable law. Except as specifically set forth in this Section 8.2, the Company shall have no liability or obligation hereunder by reason of or subsequent to such termination.
Salary and Benefits. You will be paid a salary as follows: