Year 2000 definition

Year 2000 means the calendar year beginning January 1, 2000 and ending December 31, 2000.
Year 2000 means the occurrence of or calculation involving the Year 2000 A.D., or other calendar dates occurring after December 31, 1999.

Examples of Year 2000 in a sentence

  • Xxxxx Xxxxxx will take all steps necessary to ensure that its products (and those of its third-party suppliers) reflect the available state of the art technology to offer products that are Year 2000 compliant, including, but not limited to, century recognition of dates, calculations that correctly compute same century and multi-century formulas and date values, and interface values that reflect the date issues arising between now and the next one-hundred years.

  • The Year 2000 Issue arises because many computerized systems use two digits rather than four to identify a year.

  • Nothing in this warranty shall be construed to limit any rights or remedies the Government may otherwise have under this contract with respect to defects other than Year 2000 performance.

  • This Year 2000 Warranty shall survive beyond termination or expiration of the Contract through:a) one year, b) December 31, 2000, or c) the Contractor or Third Party Manufacturers stated Year 2000 warranty term, whichever is longer.

  • Year 2000 WarrantyUnless the Contractor has specifically stated in the Bid that the Work is not Year 2000- compliant, Contractor warrants that Work furnished pursuant to this Contract shall, when used in accordance with its documentation, be able to accurately process date/time data (including, but not limited to, calculating, comparing, and sequencing) from, into, and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and the years 1999 and 2000, including leap year calculations.

More Definitions of Year 2000

Year 2000. Target's current products are "Year 2000 Compliant," where "Year 2000 Compliant" means that such products have been designed and tested so that, when used in accordance with their associated documentation, they are capable upon installation of accurately processing, providing and/or receiving (i) date-related data from, into and between the Twentieth (20th) and Twenty-First (21st) centuries, or (ii) date-related data in connection with any valid date in the Twentieth (20th) and Twenty-First (21st) centuries; provided that all other products used in combination in any way with Target's current products properly exchange date-related data with them. Target has commenced efforts to ensure that the information technology systems and non-information technology systems used by Target in its internal operations will function properly beyond 1999. Target has made inquiries to its key third-party vendors and providers as to the status of their Year 2000 efforts, and has not uncovered any problems that could reasonably be expected to have a material adverse effect on the operation of the products or that could disrupt or harm the day-to-day functioning of the business or operations of Target.
Year 2000. Except as set forth in Section 2.37 of the Company Disclosure Letter, (i) all functions including, without limitation, date-reliant (which includes year-reliant) functions of the information and business systems of the Company (collectively, the "Systems") are capable of continuing to operate up to, during and after the Year 2000, (ii) neither the performance nor functionality of the Systems will be affected by any changes to the field configuration which contains the date information within any part of the System caused by the advent of the year 2000, and (iii) the Systems will perform consistent with past performance and there shall be no faults in the processing of dates and date-dependent information or data including, without limitation, in calculations, comparisons and sequencing of information or data, except, in each case, such failures to operate or perform that could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. Section 2.37 of the Company Disclosure Letter sets forth, with respect to any exception, the nature of such exception in detail, including the nature of the problem, the nature of the steps undertaken and planned, and the Company's good faith estimate of the cost to correct such problem and its projection of a date for project completion.
Year 2000. The Company's computer system and software (including all software and applications developed for or sold to any customer or client) are able to accurately process date data, including but not limited to, calculating, comparing and sequencing from, into and between the twentieth century (through year 1999), the year 2000 and the twenty-first century, including leap year calculations. To the best knowledge of the Company, it is not aware of any inability on the part of any service provider to timely remedy such service provider's own deficiencies in respect of the year 2000 problem.
Year 2000 means the calendar year 2000 A.D.
Year 2000 means the year ending on 1 January 2001 at 08:00 hours.
Year 2000. Compatible" (and variations thereof) means, with respect to any computer system, that such Computer System (a) records, stores, processes and provides true and accurate dates and calculations for dates and spans of dates, (b) is and will be able to operate on a basis comparable to its current operation during and after calendar year 2000, including, but not limited to, leap years, and (c) shall not end abnormally or provide invalid or incorrect results as a result of date data which represents or references (or fails to represent or reference) different centuries or more than one century.
Year 2000. The Company continues to take the appropriate steps to minimize the threat of any material technical failure relating to Year 2000 compliance issues. Program conversion remains essentially on schedule, with testing being completed as systems are converted. In order to simulate year-end 1999 processing for all operating systems, substantially all internal software modifications will be completed by December 31, 1998. The Company has also implemented a comprehensive plan to communicate to all critical vendors and suppliers the expectation that they attain Year 2000 compliance in a timely manner. Contingency plans will be in place by year-end 1998 to provide alternate solutions if the progress of certain critical suppliers and vendors is questionable so as not to jeopardize our ability to service our customers. The Company believes it is acting prudently in addressing the Year 2000 issue. However, it is impossible for any company to ensure Year 2000 compliance. While it is certainly possible that there may be some litigation arising from the Year 2000 conversion, the Company does not anticipate, nor can it estimate, any costs associated with such litigation at this time. The costs associated with this effort are expected to range between $7,000 and $10,000. These costs are expensed as incurred, with amounts associated with this effort totaling approximately $1.6 million through April 4, 1998.