Reasonable expense definition

Reasonable expense means any ex- pense incurred due to repair of a war- ranty failure caused by a non-original equipment certified part, including, but not limited to, all charges in any expense categories that would be con- sidered payable by the involved vehicle manufacturer to its authorized dealer under a similar warranty situation where an original equipment part was the cause of the failure. Included in ‘‘reasonable expense’’ are any addi- tional costs incurred specifically due to the processing of a claim involving a certified aftermarket part or parts as covered in these regulations. The di- rect parts and labor expenses of car- rying out repairs is immediately chargeable to the part manufacturer. All charges beyond the actual parts and labor repair expenses must be am- ortized over the number of claims and/ or over a number of years in a manner that would be considered consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. These expense categories shall include but are not limited to the cost of labor, materials, record keep- ing, special handling, and billing as a result of replacement of a certified aftermarket part.
Reasonable expense means an expense that demonstrate prudence, good judgement, moderation and is defensible to an impartial observer or citizen of Calgary;
Reasonable expense means the usual, reasonable and customary fee or charge for the services rendered and the supplies furnished in the area where and at the time such services are rendered or supplies furnished, as determined by the Company. Such services and supplies must be recommended and approved by a Physician.

Examples of Reasonable expense in a sentence

  • Reasonable expense incurred by the INSURED for that part of an audit or examination required by any governmental regulatory authority or self-regulatory organization and actually conducted by such authority, organization or their appointee by reason of the discovery of loss sustained by the INSURED and covered by this bond.

  • Orally Administered Cancer Medications – We will pay the Usual and Reasonable expense incurred for prescribed, orally administered anticancer medications used to kill or slow the growth of cancerous cells on the same basis as intravenously administered or injected cancer medications that are covered as medical benefits.

  • Reasonable expense incurred by the “insured”, in connection with “bodily injury” to which this insurance applies, for such immediate medical and surgical relief to others as shall be necessary at the time of the accident.

  • Reasonable expense of computer time as described on attached Schedule E.

  • Reasonable expense incurred by Supervisors’ performance of duties shall be borne by the Company.

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Reasonable expense means an expense that demonstrates prudence, good judgement, moderation and is defensible to an impartial observer or citizen of Calgary. 3.0 Payment for Employee Business Expenses 3.1 The City will only pay for business expenses that are approved (see Section 4.0 of these procedures) and are supported by adequate supporting documentation (see Section 6.0 of these procedures). 3.2 City employees may not receive personal financial benefits, such as reward program points or rebates, from City-paid business expenses. Refer to the Conflict of Interest Policy. 3.3 The City’s preferred method of payment for Employee Business Expenses is the Corporate Credit Card. 3.4 Employee Business Expenses paid directly by Corporate Credit Card must also follow the Supporting Procedures for Corporate Credit Card. 3.5 Under limited situations an Expense Report (X-76) may be used. 3.5.1 In order to submit a claim for an expense reimbursement by Expense Report, the employee must submit an approved Expense Report Form (X 76). 3.6 Under exceptional circumstances, reimbursement requests may also be made using a Request for Reimbursement from Petty Cash form (X 91). 3.6.1 Reimbursements from Petty Cash may only be claimed for expenses of$100 or less, including GST. 3.6.2 In order to submit a claim for an expense reimbursement from Petty Cash, the employee must submit a completed and approved Request for Reimbursement from Petty Cash form (X 91).3.7 Expense reimbursements shall be issued only in Canadian dollars. 4.0 Types of Business Expenses 4.1 Business expenses include, but are not limited to, the following: a. Meal and hosting expenses, including those from meetings, events and corporate functions; b. Business travel expenses, including accommodation, transportation and out-of- town meals; c. Employee development expenses, including courses, conferences, seminars, education and training (see also the HR Guidelines for External Learning Activity Support); d. Subscriptions to technical, trade and other business-related publications; and e. Certain employee recognition expenses incurred as a part of The City’s Corporate Recognition Program are subject to the Corporate Recognition Program Policy (HR-035). 5.0 Dept ID Owner Responsibilities 5.1 Dept ID Owners are responsible for ensuring that their staff are aware of and adhere to this and all other applicable City policies and procedures when incurring expenses. 5.2 Dept ID Owners shall ensure that expenses are reasonable, have ade...
Reasonable expense means an expense that demonstrates prudence, good judgement, moderation and is defensible to an impartial observer or citizen of Calgary. 3.0 Lost or Stolen Corporate Credit Cards 3.1 Cardholders are to take all reasonable measures to secure the CCC, including the card number, expiry date, Card Verification Code (CVC) and personal identification number (PIN), in order to safeguard it from loss, theft, or unauthorized use. 3.2 Cardholders shall not write down or share their card number, expiry date, CVC code or PIN.3.3 If a CCC is lost or stolen, Cardholders must immediately contact BMO Financial Group to cancel the card. Cardholders shall also inform their Credit Card Administrator of their lost card by emailing 4.0 Dispute of Transactions 4.1 In the event of a discrepancy, Cardholders are responsible for disputing the transaction with the merchant or BMO Financial Group. 4.1.1. If the dispute is related to price or quantity on a known transaction, the Cardholder shall contact the merchant to resolve the dispute. 4.1.2 If there is a transaction the Cardholder does not recognize, the Cardholder must contact BMO Financial Group immediately to report the incident. 4.2 Cardholders are responsible for documenting and following up on any disputed transactions immediately to ensure all applicable credits are applied to their accounts. 5.0 Suspension or Cancellation of Corporate Credit Cards 5.1 A CCC must be cancelled by contacting Accounts Payable if it is no longer required, if the Cardholder moves to a position in another business unit, or if the Cardholder is no longer employed by The City; refer to the City’s Employee Departure/Transfer Checklist. 5.2 A new application is required when an employee moves to a new position within the same business unit. If the CCC is no longer required in their new position, then the CCC must be cancelled. 5.3 A CCC must be suspended by contacting Accounts Payable if the Cardholder is suspended, takes an extended leave of absence or is temporarily seconded to a position in another business unit or to a position that does not require the use of the CCC. 5.4 Accounts Payable is authorized to cancel any CCC at any time in the case of misuse or non-compliance with City policies. 5.5 Upon card cancellation or suspension, the Cardholder must surrender their CCC to their Approver. The Approver would be required to shred the card and dispose of it at their location or send it to Accounts Payable. 6.0 Changes to Ca...
Reasonable expense means the uUsual and cCustomary fee or charge for a given service or supplies by a Licensed Physician to a majority of the Licensed Physician’s patients and the customary fee charged by the majority of the Licensed Physicians within a community for the same services and supplies.
Reasonable expense means the reasonable and customary fee or charge for the services rendered and the supplies furnished in the area where rendered or
Reasonable expense means a cost incurred reflecting the action that a prudent person would have taken under the circumstances prevailing at the time the decision to incur the cost was made. Major considerations involved in the determination of the reasonableness of a cost are: whether the cost is of a type generally recognized as necessary and appropriate for the operation of the institution or the performance of the sponsored agreement. (Reference: OMB Circular and Guidance A-21, Cost Principles for Educational Institutions (
Reasonable expense means an expense that is incurred in the ordinary and routine course ofSt. Thomas operations and is in an amount that is not extreme or excessive and reflects a prudent decision to incur the expense in light of St. Thomas budgets, resources and priorities.
Reasonable expense means expenditure that can withstand a public disclosure test, therefore the cardholder will have no hesitation about disclosing the expenditure, being able to defend both its purpose and amounts while highlighting the benefits to the organisation.