Personal Identification Number definition

Personal Identification Number. (PIN) means a confidential four-digit code number provided to a calling card customer to prevent unauthorized use of his/her calling card number. LIDB and/or the LIDB administrative system can store a PIN for those line numbers that have an associated calling card.
Personal Identification Number or ‘PIN’ means, in relation to a Debit Cardholder, the personal identification number selected by the Debit Cardholder to enable the Debit Card to be used at Self Service Terminal and/ or ATM and/or Point Of Sales and/or retails outlets; furthermore a Cardholder may be required to sign for the transaction instead of being asked to enter the PIN; and the Bank reserves the right at its sole discretion to add, replace, or cancel any manner it deems appropriate.
Personal Identification Number or “PIN” means the personal identification number issued under section 12;

Examples of Personal Identification Number in a sentence

  • You must use your PIN (Personal Identification Number) along with your account number to access your accounts.

  • If any Account access device, such as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is requested and approved, You understand that any such Account access device(s) will be mailed only to the primary Borrower at the address that We have on file for You.

  • All Kenyan registered Tenderers must provide the Personal Identification Number Certificate (PIN Certificate).

  • In most cases, you will be asked to present your Card and sign a sales slip or to give your Personal Identification Number.

  • With your Personal Identification Number (“PIN”), you may use the Card to obtain cash at any Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”) that displays the Mastercard®, Cirrus®, PULSE® or MoneyPass® Acceptance Marks, subject to your applicable daily cash withdrawal limit.

More Definitions of Personal Identification Number

Personal Identification Number means a four-digit number selected by the claimant and entered by the claimant into the unemployment insurance telephone claims filing system.
Personal Identification Number. (PIN) means the personal secret number, which is issued by the Bank to the Cardholder.
Personal Identification Number means a confidential number that a parent uses with the parent’s EBT card or account number to electronically access the parent’s child care subsidy in a secure manner.
Personal Identification Number. (PIN): shall mean the security code number issued for each Cardholder by the Bank, and must be preserved and used towards some Card transaction types by the Cardholder to certify the Cardholder as stipulated by the Bank.
Personal Identification Number or “PIN” means the confidential number that Card Issuers provide with a Card to authenticate a Cardholder and authorize Transactions through Terminals and which may be changed from time to time by such Cardholder.
Personal Identification Number or “PIN” means any number, code, mark or credential (including personal identification number, password, or voice print or other biometric credential) that is used by the Bank for verifying the identity of an Authorised Phonebanking Service User for the purpose of providing the Phonebanking Service and handling related matters.
Personal Identification Number or “PIN” means a secret number selected by the household to be used with the EBT card to receive benefits.