Owner Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Owner Responsibilities. Owner shall:
Owner Responsibilities. 6.1 The Owner will furnish available information in regard to the Services to the extent requested by the Professional and provide the Professional with access to the Site as reasonably necessary for the completion of the Professional’s services under a Service Order.
Owner Responsibilities. Owner shall inform Agent in writing immediately after Owner shall become aware, after the execution and delivery of this Retention Agreement, of any known or suspected risk of environmental hazard or contamination or of the receipt by Owner of a citation for the violation of any federal, state or local environmental law or regulation. Owner shall have the continuing obligation to advise Agent in writing as soon as it becomes aware of any inaccuracy, inconsistency, incompleteness or change of circumstances and to correct any environmental report with respect to the Assets. Owner will use its best efforts to deliver to Agent all environmental reports in its possession. Additionally, Owner will provide, promptly upon receipt thereof, a copy of any environmental reports prepared after the date hereof to Agent and will authorize Agent to disseminate such report to prospects. Agent shall be the only entity entitled to rely on the covenants contained in this paragraph. Any damages for a breach or violation of the covenants contained in this paragraph shall be limited to Agent’s out-of-pocket expenses incurred in reliance on the covenants contained in this paragraph less any fees earned from the transaction related to the expenditure of such expenses.
Owner Responsibilities. Owner shall perform the responsibilities set forth in this Article at its own expense and at those reasonable times as may be required by Contractor for the successful completion of the Work in accordance with the Schedule.
Owner Responsibilities. 6.1.1. Owner shall designate a representative authorized to act on Owner’s behalf with respect to the Project. Owner or such authorized representative shall examine documents submitted by ESCO and shall promptly render decisions pertain thereto to avoid delay in the orderly progress of the Work. Owner shall render approval of formal submittals on the Schedule of Performance within ten (10) calendar days after receipt of submittals from ESCO.
Owner Responsibilities. Owner agree the address for notices to Owner from Managing Agent shall be . Owner assumes sole responsibility for checking for correspondence from Managing Agent at the above address. Any delivery by Managing Agent of correspondence, municipal notices, service of process, or other information shall be deemed effectively delivered to Owner by Managing Agent so long as Managing Agent has, within two (2) business days of receipt, deposited such information in the United States mail, with sufficient postage to ensure delivery, addressed to Owner at the above address. If Managing Agent so performs, Owner agrees that, notwithstanding any statute, rule, regulation or provision of common law, Managing Agent has discharged all fiduciary, contract and other duties to Owner, Managing Agent not having further obligation. In addition, if Owner is not an Arkansas citizen or domestic Arkansas entity, Owner shall deliver to Managing Agent all filings required by Arkansas law to eliminate the need for income tax withholding, including without limitation filings with the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration pursuant to Xxx 0000 of 2005 (and regulations thereunder), or, in the alternative, Owner understands, acknowledges, agrees and instructs Managing Agent to withhold for taxation purposes all sums required by law and, in addition, agrees to reimburse Managing Agent for all tax or accounting expenses incurred in determining the withholding amount and for preparation and filing of applicable forms. Owner warrants and represents to Managing Agent that no withholding is required from any rentals or other disbursements to Owner in that Owner has United States citizenship status, pursuant to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Taxation Act (FIRPTA) or otherwise under state and federal law, it being the obligation of Owner to file all state and federal tax returns applicable to Owner and the Property (and income therefrom) and to pay all applicable taxes in connection therewith.