Owner Responsibilities Sample Clauses

Owner Responsibilities. Owner shall:
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Owner Responsibilities. The Owner shall have exclusive operational control and decision making authority with respect to the overall operation of the Facility. In addition, the Owner shall be responsible for the following:
Owner Responsibilities. 6.1 The Owner will furnish available information in regard to the Services to the extent requested by the Professional and provide the Professional with access to the Site as reasonably necessary for the completion of the Professional’s services under a Service Order.
Owner Responsibilities. In addition to Owner’s other duties and responsibilities under and pursuant to this Agreement, Owner shall have the following general obligations and responsibilities:
Owner Responsibilities. The project owner, the design professional in responsible charge or an agent of the owner is responsible for funding special inspection services. Measures should be taken to ensure that the scope of work and duties of the special inspector as outlined in the Statement of Special Inspections are not compromised. The special inspector/agency shall not be in the employ of the contractor, subcontractor or material supplier (see CBC Section 1704.1). In the case of an owner/contractor, the special inspector/agency shall be employed as determined by the Building Official.
Owner Responsibilities. Owner understands that Contractor's timely performance of the Work is dependent on the timely and effective completion of Owner's obligations and timely decisions and approvals by Owner. A list of Owner's obligations and required decisions and approvals is set forth in the Owner's Responsibilities list attached hereto as Attachment 2.
Owner Responsibilities. Owner shall perform the responsibilities set forth in this Article at its own expense and at those reasonable times as may be required by Contractor for the successful completion of the Work in accordance with the Schedule.