Stormwater management definition

Stormwater management means the programs to maintain quality and quantity of stormwater runoff to pre-development levels.
Stormwater management means the engineering practices and principles used to intercept stormwater runoff, remove pollutants and slowly release the runoff into natural channels to prevent downstream flooding.

Examples of Stormwater management in a sentence

STORMWATER MANAGEMENT Stormwater runoff from the site must meet all water quantity and quality requirements of Chapter 344 Stormwater Management and Earth Disturbance will apply to all development.

MASSACHUSETTS STORMWATER MANAGEMENT POLICY: The Policy issued by the Department of Environmental Protection, and as amended, that coordinates the requirements prescribed by state regulations promulgated under the authority of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act G.L. c.

STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PLAN: A plan required as part of the application for a Stormwater Management Permit.

Section 7: Post-Construction Stormwater of New Developments & Redevelopments (10- 23-07) STORMWATER MANAGEMENT Section 2.

More Definitions of Stormwater management

Stormwater management means the collection, conveyance, storage, treatment and disposal of stormwater in a manner to meet the objectives of this chapter and its terms, including, but not be limited to measures that control the increase volume and rate of stormwater runoff and water quality impacts caused or induced by man made changes to the land.
Stormwater management means, for:
Stormwater management means the collecting, conveyance, channeling, holding retaining, detaining, infiltrating, diverting, treating, or filtering of surface water, or groundwater, and/or runoff, together with applicable managerial (non-structural) measures.
Stormwater management means the use of structural (treatment control) or non-structural (source control) BMPs that are designed to reduce urban run-off pollutant loads, discharge volumes, and/or peak discharge flow rates or velocities. When applied to the County or another municipality, stormwater management also includes planning and programmatic measures.
Stormwater management means the use of structural or non-structural practices that are designed to reduce stormwater runoff pollutant loads, discharge volumes, and/or peak discharge rates.