Project Management Plan definition

Project Management Plan or “PMP” means a document prepared for the purposes ofdefining how the project is executed, monitored, and controlled.
Project Management Plan means the overall plan used to describe how the completed project would be operated and maintained on a long term basis. This document could include habitat, landscape, park, and other facility/resource long term management plans.
Project Management Plan means the management plan that (i) sets out a high level workplan to describe the manner in which the Design-Builder will manage the Project, including to address related matters such as traffic management and communications, and (ii) is prepared by or for the Design-Builder and submitted to the Owner;

Examples of Project Management Plan in a sentence

  • Further, they will ensure that adequate design funds for the accomplishment of BCOES reviews are reserved in the baseline budget as negotiated and included in the Project Management Plan in accord with ER 5-1-11.

  • DSHS Project Manager or designee prior to incorporation into the Project Management Plan must agree upon any such changes.

  • The PRC may provide a Project Management Plan to define roles and responsibilities for subsequent steps.

  • P a g e o Execution of the Project Management Plan including progress and Steering Committee meetings F.

  • In all cases, the Project Manager will ensure that BCOES reviews are mandatory parts of the Project Management Plan (PMP) and the PM will allocate adequate time and funding to conduct the needed BCOES reviews.

More Definitions of Project Management Plan

Project Management Plan means the portion of the Project Development Plan providing the information requested in Section 4.2 of Exhibit B to the ITP.
Project Management Plan. As defined in SECTION 4.1.1 of SCHEDULE A.
Project Management Plan as used herein shall mean Contractor’s written plan to provide, implement, monitor and ensure the services required by this Agreement are received by County accordingly.
Project Management Plan means the document that describes how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled.
Project Management Plan. As defined in Section 4.1.1 of Schedule A.
Project Management Plan means that plan described in Section 1.1 of Appendix C to this ITP.
Project Management Plan means a document, prepared in accordance with guidance, that describes how the Capital Project will be implemented, monitored, and controlled to help the applicant effectively, efficiently, and safely deliver the project on- time, within-budget, and at the highest appropriate quality.