Professional Services definition

Professional Services means those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping, as defined by the laws of Florida, or those services performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered surveyor and mapper, in connection with the firm's or individual's professional employment or practice.
Professional Services means services:
Professional Services means implementation services, consulting services or other related services provided under an Order Form and may also be referred to in the Agreement as “Consulting Services”.

Examples of Professional Services in a sentence

  • The firm/individual shall also carry Comprehensive Professional Services Liability/Errors and omissions insurance coverage in an amount no less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00) in the aggregate.

  • With the exception of Professional Services Liability for architects, designers and engineers, and Worker’s Compensation, the Town of Barnstable and its employees must be named as an additional insured and a certificate of insurance will be provided indicating such for each of the insurance policies or surety bonds obtained pursuant to the requirements established by the issuance of the contract.

  • Correction of RFQ Number - 03/10/21 Board Mtg - North Andrews Gardens ESApprove the correction of the RFQ number on the Agenda Request Form, for the First Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement for North Andrews Gardens Elementary School, Project No. P.001890, SMART Renovations Program, RFQ 19-105C RFQ 18-105C.

  • UBE Participation Documentation must be used to document participation of an underutilized business enterprise (UBE) on Professional Services projects.

  • In the event of any conflict between this document, Standard Terms and Conditions Section 2, Services, and the Professional Services Contract or other type of Contract (Contract) ultimately negotiated and entered into between Respondent and the City, the provisions of the Contract shall prevail.

More Definitions of Professional Services

Professional Services means work performed by an independent contractor within the scope of the
Professional Services means work performed by an independent contractor within the scope of the practice of accounting, actuarial services, architecture, land surveying, landscape architecture, law, dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy or professional engineering. "Professional services" shall also include the services of an economist procured by the State Corporation Commission.
Professional Services means services rendered or performed by a person authorized by law to practice a recognized profession and whose practice is regulated by law and the performance of which services requires knowledge of an advanced type in a field of learning acquired by a prolonged formal course of specialized instruction and study as distinguished from general academic instruction or apprenticeship and training. Professional services may also mean services rendered in the provision or performance of goods or services that are original and creative in character in a recognized field of artistic endeavor.
Professional Services means services:
Professional Services the consulting and/or professional services related to the Cloud Service which may include installation and implementation services for the Cloud Service, provided by Us to You as described in the applicable Order.
Professional Services means any type of personal service to the public that requires as a condition