Rush Fee Sample Clauses

Rush Fee. If your account is subject to a Rush Fee, except as limited by applicable law, a fee may be charged to your account for each rush card that you request, providing delivery of the card is also available by standard mail service, without paying a fee for delivery.
Rush Fee. If your account is subject to the Rush Fee, a fee will be charged to your account as disclosed on the Disclosure accompanying this Agreement.
Rush Fee. If you request a card to be delivered faster than our normal processing time a rush fee of $69.50 will be charged for 1-day delivery or $37.50 for 2-day delivery.

Related to Rush Fee

Annual Fee The Issuer will, or will cause the Servicer to, pay the Asset Representations Reviewer, as compensation for agreeing to act as the Asset Representations Reviewer under this Agreement, an annual fee in the amount of $5,000. The annual fee will be paid on the Closing Date and on each anniversary of the Closing Date until this Agreement is terminated, payable pursuant to the priority of payments in Section 5.7 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement or Section 5.6(a) of the Indenture, as applicable.