Show Management definition

Show Management means Questex Expositions, Questex LLC, its co-sponsors and their respective agents, employees and affiliates; (d) “Hall Manage- ment” means the owner or manager of the facility in which the Show is conducted, and its employees and agents; and (e) “Hall” means the facility in which the Show is conducted.
Show Management means the PDAC representatives managing the Convention;
Show Management means Dispatch Consumer Shows Group and its respective agents including GateHouse Media Ohio Holdings, II, Inc., (ii) the termExhibit Hall” shall mean the exhibit hall or facility designated by Show Management in the future, (iii) the term “Exhibitor” shall mean the company that has submitted this Contract, and (iv) the term “Rules” shall mean these Rules and Regulations.

Examples of Show Management in a sentence

  • It is expressly provided that Show Management reserves the right to change the dates and timelines at its sole discretion.

  • The Participant(s), their companions and their legal heirs hereby shall hold harmless and indemnify the Show Management, the Company, affiliates, group companies, partners, sponsors, process advisors and evaluators, process partners, its agents, representatives, its employees, officers, and directors.

  • Any person who claims to be from the Show Management and asks the Participant(s) for paying an entry fee for participation in the Show is defrauding the Participant(s) and he/she should report this to the local police immediately.

  • The Show Management has no obligation to screen information submitted and is not responsible for monitoring information submitted, to prevent violation of intellectual property ownership rights, or violations of any law, rule, or regulation.

  • Participant(s) shall not offer any bribe or make any requests to any members of the Show Management to get any favours.

More Definitions of Show Management

Show Management means PDAC representatives managing the Convention;
Show Management means Newcom Media Inc.
Show Management means Advanstar Communications Inc. and its officers, directors, members, agents, affiliates, representatives, employees, successors and assigns, unless the context requires otherwise. “Facility Management” means the owner or manager of the Exhibition Facilities in which the Show is conducted, and its employees and agents. “Exhibitor” means the applicant identified on the front hereof. Exhibit space (“Exhibit Space” or “Booth Space”) means the space applied for herein. “Exhibit Space Fee” means the required Exhibit Space fee, including all deposits and other fees to be paid to Show Management as set forth on the front of this Agreement. Show Management and Exhibitor are collectively referred to in this Agreement as the “Parties” and “Party” in the singular.
Show Management means Access Intelligence, LLC and its respective agents, (ii) the termExhibit Hall” shall mean the Colorado Convention Center, or any other exhibit hall designated by Show Man- agement in the future, (iii) the term “Exhibitor” shall mean the company that has submitted this Contract, and
Show Management means personnel designated by ICAA.
Show Management means one or more adult individuals who have been duly appointed by Rodeo Austin to assist with the Show and may include, but are not limited to, one or more members of the Staff, Board Members, Committee Chairs, Sub- Committee Chairs, and Judges.
Show Management. This show is a presentation of Pheasants Forever, Inc., St. Xxxx, MN, which shall have the right, which it hereby expressly reserves, to make such rules and regulations as it shall deem advisable for the success of said Show, and to change and amend the same from time to time, which shall govern the proper conduct of said Show and the use of this contract and the space herein reserved by the exhibitor. The Show Management’s application, interpretation and construction of said rules shall be final and conclusive. Contingencies: The Show Management reserves the right to cancel this contract in case the specified premises shall be destroyed or so damaged as to render them unworkable for the purpose specified, by fire, elements, or any other cause, or should any occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of the Show Management make it impossible to fulfill it part of this contract; provided however, that in the event of such cancellation, all payments previously made of this contract are to be promptly returned to the exhibitor by the Show Management and upon the return of the same the Show Management is to be released of any and all claims for damages, loss, cost or expenses sustained or incurred by the exhibitor by reason of such cancelation. Compliance: Exhibitor, its employees and representatives shall observe and comply with all Federal, State, Municipal and Building Management laws, charters, ordinances, rules and regulations of the State, City, and Building in which said show is presented. Exhibitors are required to abide by state laws and wildlife agency regulations when selling animal parts. Conduct: Exhibitors and their personnel are expected to maintain a business like attitude throughout the show. Anyone found to be creating a nuisance or conducting themselves in a manner unsuitable to Show Management will be subject to eviction from the premises. Badges: Four (4) Exhibitor Badges will be provided for each booth exhibit. Exhibitor Badges are valid for all three days of the show. Additional badges may be purchased (by Exhibitors only) for $5.00 each. No one will be allowed on the show floor without an Exhibitor Badge or daily show ticket.